We sell direct to you

We sell direct to you

How to order from us

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The first step is to get a precise quotation as the prices listed on our website are for reference. They do include shipping fees, so they can change depending on your country.

To do so, please send an email at and mention :

> the product you want to be quoted, at least your first name, your city and your country

We will make our best to send our quotation within a few hours, or a maximum of 24h from monday to friday. Occasionnaly we might reply quotation request on saturdays.

At the same time we’ll send our quotation, we’ll check the product availability. If nothing is mentioned about avaibility in our quote that means the product is in stock.


If our quotation fit your budget and you want to place your order we will first make you a proforma invoice to summurize the order. For this second step we need your full name, the precise delivery address and one tel number for DHL in case they need to contact you. DHL accepts just one tel number, so it’s up to you to choose mobile of fix.

> If you choose to pay by credit card or Paypal, we will send you a link to check-out online.

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> If you choose to pay by bank wire transfer we will send you our bank account information. If you choose this method of payment, as we don’t have collection fees with bank transfers, we offer you a 3.5% off discount corresponding of the Paypal collection fees we would have not to pay.


dhl-serviceOnce we have received your funds we need 2 to 3 working days to prepare your order. This time is because we have to set your country voltage and prepare documents. The other time consuming task is we do a special premium export packing with 6 layers protections.

We are very proud of this packing and funny thing is that we even got a few complain that it took too much time to unpack. As far as we understood, these complains were humoristic!

Once your parcel is ready, it will be picked-up by our carrier DHL. In order to get good shipping prices we have to respect a minimum quantity of parcels per year with DHL. As a consequence we are sorry not to be able to offer you alternative choice of carriers. We have only good experiences with DHL.

DHL transit time is 5/6 days in most of countries and they do offer an efficient tracking service.

* Please note that in some very limited cases, due to local customs regulations we might have to choose another carrier, like in Russia.


All along the way to your home, the goods travel under our responsibility. If a parcel is lost or if a good is damaged during the shipment, we would replace it within a few days and you would have to deal only with us, Doge Electronics factory, and not with any DHL insurance service.


On the contrary to a local shop, the product price includes a significant amount of shipping cost. A return would wast a huge amount of shipping fees, and if we want to offer this service that would mean we have to increase all our prices. As we have 96% satisfaction rate, if you are in the unlucky 4% who don’t like our sound performance, the best way is to resell the product which would make a smaller loss than a return.

As evidence of this, you will find extremely low quantities of DOGE products on the second hands market.

If it is unimaginable for you to make a purchase prior listening please note that similar product in brick and mortal shops would cost 3 times our price. So we think that is worth to take a little risk to have to resell our product if you are among the 4% people who don’t like our sound performance.


Please note that our factory direct-sales prices will be lower than brick and mortal shops’ retail prices. However by ordering directly from us, please don’t expect us a wholesale price because making retail sales directly to you require is a very different job than wholesale and requires an additional work, done by Marc, our french citizenship’s sales manager who is a very qualified person in Hifi with 25 years experience. In addition, we offer the warranty service inside your country and unlimited support. We will be available at any time after your purchase to offer you any assistance, advice, and tips you would require about our products.

Thanks for your understanding about this.