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    A shorcut of all DOGE range of products in video (9/21/2020) - In December 2019, DOGE attended for the first time the biggest event for Chinese audiophiles, the Guangzhou A/V fair (Guangzhou is the Chinese name of Canton) renamed after the cultural revolution. Guangzhou is the third city…
    We just released a new version DOGE 5 called “PADC”, with the latest Doge features but minimal price! (9/20/2020) - Since we discontinued our “Doge 5” in 2017, we received a lot of requests if we could use the EL34 tube on our Prima Donna integrated. So, we decided to redesign the Doge 5 in a… is now e-commerce compliant ! (11/26/2019) - We have redesigned our website. You can now order online !! Just like major website like Let's enjoy it and give us comments if you think it suits your needs.

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