Alternative USD & CAD domestic bank accounts


    USD account to receive a domestic wire transfer from USA:
    NOTE: Please don’t use ACH transfer, only wire transfer
    Account holder: marc PRYLLI
    Routing number: 084009519
    Account number: 9600 0009 1994 3497
    Account type: Checking
    Bank address: TransferWise Inc.,
    19 W 24th Street, New York, NY, 10010, United States


    CAD domestic account to receive domestic EFT transfer (only) from Canada:

    We can receive CAD on this account only via EFTs (electronic fund transfers) and Direct Deposits.

    We don’t yet support the following payment methods:

    • Domestic wire transfers
    • Interac
    • Online Bill Transfers (OBT)
    • SWIFT
    Account holder: marc PRYLLI
    Institution number: 621
    Transit number:16001
    Account number: 200110116040
    Bank address: TransferWise Canada Inc.,
    99 Bank Street, Suite 1420, Ottawa, ON K1P 1H4, Canada