Our 20th anniversary special deals !!! 2003 – 2023


     ! 20 !

    Doge is happy to celebrate its 20th anniversary during 20 days

    and get special deals up to 20% OFF !!


    Mr. LIU incorporated officially Doge in March 2003, so that’s 20 years ago. We wanted to celebrate this to offer you special deals. 

    People who follow Doge events for many years, know we do rarely “special deals” and the rare occasion we did it were always for a short period. In the past, we did only two special deals in 5 years, for our 15th anniversary and for 2019’s Black Friday.

    The reason we don’t like doing special deals is that companies doing this often mean their regular prices are not fair prices. 

    So these 20th-anniversary deals will last 20 days from April 1st and will end on April 22nd 12PM Europe Time.


    until inventory expires as we have roughly 6 units of each Dg7 in stock 

    Almost real-time inventory will be displayed at the end of the page. We’ll update it twice per day.


     DOGE 7 got the awards of :



    (category “no price object”)

    From the Youtube Channel “The Next Best Thing Studio”, renamed as Jay’s Iyagi






    Besides these deals, a sad piece of news. Doge will stop its brand for a while and refocus on OEM Business (Galion brand). So it is your last chance before a long time to get a DOGE product.

    So except in the case Thomas & Stereo would stop its business, which seems unlikely as his TS120 is very popular, we’ll discontinue Doge brand, except OF COURSE for support, warranty, and spare parts, like remote controllers, transformers, etc… that will keep doing at least for 10 years from now.

    In other words, the remaining dozen of Doge7 units are Collectors’ units


    Our newsletter deals

    We are not going to make crazy deals, unfortunately as we remain only a limited quantity of units. I would have loved to do so, but they would have been sold out in one day as we remain around 12 units of Dg8 and 15 units of Dg7. My management was even not willing to do any special deals. But I insisted. 

    Here they are :

    During a limited period of 20 days April 1st to April 21st or until stock expires, you are allowed to get two kinds of anniversary discounts.

    One discount on the product itself up to 10% and a 10% additional discount if you don’t choose Paypal payment which we dislike and that we even stopped during 6 months in the first half of 2022.

    Because Mr. Thomas Tan pays cash, my management doesn’t like anymore Paypal or credit card payments (both go through Paypal) as Paypal retains the money you send us for two months after delivery (special policy for China). 

    As Paypal/credit card fees are included in the price, if you pay by Bank wire transfer or Wise transfer, we already offer you a 5% discount which is actually the refund of Paypal/CC fees included in our prices. BUT, for our 20th anniversary, I convinced my management to be much more generous with cash payments (knowing they like it) and after “fighting” to get discounts for you, they accepted that if you do cash payment and we’ll summarize below the 3 ways of “cash payment”, we’ll double our usual 5% discount for cash payment to a special anniversary 10% discount!!

    Yes, 10% OFF!!  Just spend 15mn to do an international swift transfer and you will get 10% OFF in addition of product discount.

    What is a “cash payment”?

    Cash payment is a means of payment on which we have no collection fees on our side, with funds we can use immediately after their arrival on our account, on the contrary of Paypal/credit card “immediate payments” on your side, but which is released on our account only two months later after your payment.

    Of course, you can keep using this Paypal credit card but without this 10% discount and get the product discount “only” instead.

    • It includes Bank wire Swift transfers that we use since our incorporation so for 20 years. You will find nowhere on the internet any customer worldwide who would have reported he wasn’t delivered because he paid this way. doge.audio/doge-bank/
    • It includes Wise transfer, through Wise.com financial gateway which is a hybrid payment with which you can source the funds by credit card and we receive funds in our bank account. Wise is listed on the LSE (London stock exchange) and is valued at 10 billion and is the leading company worldwide for overseas transfers. Click here to know more about paying through Wise. There is also a video tutorial on this information page.
    • You can alternatively use domestic bank transfers in your own currency through our Wise local bank’s partner accounts we have in some countries. click here to check the countries list. But we should limit this only to the first 3/4 a few customers who would request it, as normally this kind of domestic bank transfer is not purposed for purchases but for refunds or gifts, if we do too many funds would be sent back to you. So the best options are traditional swift transfers or Wise.com transfers. If you want to use this one, do it quickly to be among the 3/4 first customers.

    click here to get a summary of payment methods

    How to get your cash discount :

    Please use the coupon code “cash10A” to get your 10% discount as shown on the picture a bit below. If you don’t respect the rule and use this coupon code through Paypal/credit card payment we are sorry to say we’ll refund you immediately and cancel the purchase. It is a big discount so we ask you to respect the rules. Thx for your understanding.

    Our product’s discounts :

    Whatever way of payment you will choose we offer an extra discount on our two versions of DOGE7

    > DOGE7 RCA will get a 10% discount, with coupon code “D7ARCA” and if you use the “cash10A” coupon code (if you do cash payment) you will get in total 20% discount !!


    > DOGE7 Fully Balanced will get a 7% discount, with coupon code “D7AXLR” and if you use the “cash10A” coupon code (if you do cash payment) you will get in total 17% discount !!


        NOTE: coupon code can be written in upper caps or lower caps indifferently.

         Note 2: that the way our system is done is that it doesn’t apply any discount on shipping costs.


    HOW to proceed?

    Once you have added the product to the card after choosing the relevant options, a second window as above will automatically open. Fill in the product coupon code D7A or D8A and “click apply”.

    > If you choose Paypal/credit card payment, you will be asked to pay at checkout and order will be completed immediately.

    > If you choose the cash payment to get the high 10% extra discount then fill in a second time the coupon code field with code cash10 and click “apply”. Then you will receive within two minutes an order confirmation by email with our bank information. Then you can proceed to your bank transfer (1/2 days in average) or Wise transfer (1 day in average if done before noon).

    If you choose Wise transfer, it is even more simple, you just need to fill in our email, and our bank information is already recorded in their system and will automatically appear.

    If you want to use a domestic wire transfer, please contact us before sending funds to double-check. 

    Again if you don’t feel comfortable with these “cash payments” and you prefer to do the usual Paypal/credit card, for us it doesn’t matter, feel comfortable doing it, but if you do so, then please don’t fill in the cash10 coupon code.

    We remind you we have is a summary of all ordering process (also available in main menu):

    HOW TO BUY a DOGE product ?


    Almost real-time inventory – We’ll update it twice per day.

    DDG7 Clarity MK2 RCA : it remains 5 units

    DG7 Clarity MK2 Fully balanced : it remains 3 units

    Updated on 2023/04/18 at 09:00 Eastern time