Doge bank information[OLD-BACKUP]

    Here is the information your need to fill do an international transfer to DOGE. You will send money to a registered corporation with an export license. It is a safe process.




    Country :                 CHINA

    Beneficiary name :    DOGE ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD.

    Benericiary address : Useless non-mandatory field – Please not fill it.

                                   In case your bank make it mandatory, please put “n/a” in all fields                          

    Bank name :            AGRICULTURAL BANK OF CHINA

    Bank address :         HUNAN PROVINCE BRANCH (non-mandatory field)

    Full bank address :    Useless non-mandatory field – Please don’t fill it.

                                           In case your bank make it mandatory, 

                                                 Field 1: HUNAN PROVINCE BRANCH

                                                 Please put “n/a” for all other fields                       

    Swift Code :              ABOCCNBJ180

    Account number :      18057914040000717

    Transfer Description/Object:

                                 Please fill your ORDER REFERENCE NUMBER, like “#3421” not product name     

                                 otherwise it will confuse us.



    1) When you will ask your bank to process the Swift transfer, whether you do it online or at a local branch, during the process (generally at the end), you will be asked between 3 options for “SWIFT fees”, sometimes just called “fees”. They are: “all fees paid by recipient” / “fees shared” / “all fees at your own“.

    This option is to determine who pays the “Swift fees”. “SWIFT” is the international institute that connects all banks together. These Swift fees are extremely low in all western countries, around $2, whereas extremely high in China because of the heavy administrative Chinese system.

    The 5% discount with coupon “bank” is only in case you choose the option “ALL FEES AT YOUR OWN”  which costs you only $2 as said above.

    The reason we insist on that point is that in case you would forget to choose this option, all Chinese banks charge a high fixed amount of $50 for Swift collection fees. Unfortunately, in the case you would forget to choose this option, we would have to charge you back these $50.

    The cost of a bank wire transfer to China is around $12/$15 if done with your online bank interface. If done in a local branch, it varies from $30 to $40.

    2) It is very important to write the recipient’s name exactly as above. China banks are very strict about spelling or typing mistakes. Spelling mistakes are a frequent cause of fund rejection.