Doge Safety Pack for tubes

    WHAT IS IT ?

    Sourcing from us, you are doing a purchase in China, far from your home country. Warranty is an issue.

    Even Doge is one or rare manufacturer to serve the warranty in customers’ country, the warranty is served in your country for electronics as it is quite easy for us to find a repair shop anywhere in the world.

    However, for tubes, it is another issue. We need to give back defective tubes to the tube manufacturer, so that involves you would have, in case of a tube failure, to send us the tubes to exercise the right to warranty and pay onward and return fees, which in most cases would exceed tube value.

    Most of you won’t have tube failure, but on the other hand, is it not an extremely rare event. Around 10 to 15% of tubes die before their expected lifetime, which are depending tubes, between 3000 hours to 10000 hours, roughly 5/6 years.

    BUT, and it is an important “but”, most of the failures occur in the first weeks after receipt. Sometimes even in a few days. So, even it is the same with all tube amps brands and all tube manufacturers, it creates frustration when it occurs.

    So as tubes are not heavy and don’t increase shipping cost if added in the carton we thought to create the “Doge Safety pack for tubes” which is simply one extra tube of each tube type in your amplifier or preamp or DAC.

    For example in DG10, you will have, if you choose this option, one extra KT88-C, one extra TAD Premium ECC81, and one extra TAD Premium ECC81.

    We recommend this option which is not a big profit for us, our profit is on the product, it is more a service, because in case of a tube failure whether it is during or outside the warranty period, you won’t need to wait, even you would source locally one week without music. if you chose this recommended option, as it can serve as outside the warranty period to avoid getting out of music during a week. For example, the Psvane KT88C for a reason we ignore, as they are among the best current KT88 are difficult to find online currently. So it can avoid you sourcing issue.

    We have several Safety Pack is the value depends of the products as not all products have same tubes.  If you want this option, add the product to the card you want and then add the Safety pack to the cart as well.