HOW TO BUY a DOGE product ?


    Since 2013 we sell directly to you and since 2017 we ONLY sell directly to you.

    Since 2020 DOGE website is now eCommerce compliant and HTTPS (Secure Mode), you just need to add your product to cart, fill your country to know price + shipping, register, and pay your order by yourself. After your order, you can log in at any time to check your order status. HTTPS which means your data between your computer and our website are encrypted.

    After having tried different local dealerships, we reached the conclusion that the best service we could do was to deal directly with you. Doing so, we think we can offer you a better service as nobody else than us, knows better our products. Furthermore, having no middlemen between you and us, allows us to offer you extremely attractive prices and at 1/3 the price our products were sold in Germany under our ex OEM partner brand LUA.

    The delivery to your front door is a fast and simplified process (around 12 days) where DHL do all customs clearance job for you. You will have only to deal with us or DHL but never with customs services directly. Very occasionally DHL might randomly ask for identity confirmation (3/4% cases).

    The end of the process is the traditional delivery with a DHL driver carrying the parcel in your front door. The duties are to be paid online on the DHL website the day prior to the delivery (you will be texted if you provided a cellphone number at registration).

    Some countries might have no import duties while some others might have higher than average. If you want to know more about import duties, taxes, or Tariffs which are the only difference with a domestic purchase, please Click here



    Doge Audio Credit Card Payments

    at checkout you have two choices, called :


     > Paypal/Credit Card


    > 5% OFF with bank transfer or transfer with credit card “

    Credit Card (through Paypal gateway or with 5% discount with gateway)

    Although you can pay very easily with Paypal gateway in 3mn by credit card, we recommend t use credit cart payment with an awesome hybrid system called  (formerly Transferwise) a 10 year well established and one of the most reliable payment platforms in the world, where you can fund your payment by all major credit cards (even by bank account).

    With Paypal Gateway we pay 5% collection fees (included in the price) whereas with which is an hybrid system, the money arrive directly on our bank account and we have no fees, so we offer you 5% discount. So is really worth the few minutes for registration for first payment as you get the 5% off, and use credit card from your home.

    Compared to a traditional Credit cart payment you see on other website like Amazon or through Paypal credit card gateway, it will take you just 5/6mn more to register but you save 5%.

    Enter first our email address and it will automatically fill our bank information at the same time it will inform us your funds are on the way. Even the field is optional, don’t forget to fill it as you would have to enter our bank information manually it not.

    It is extremely fast, generally only two working days. Keep in mind to put our email address while filling, as we are informed of payment within 60mn so we’ll put immediately your order as paid status and can start to prepare your order before the funds arrive. We’ll have soon a tutorial online, even it is super simple and friendly to use. Much more easy than Paypal.

    It is extremely safe, FCA regulated. TransferWise Inc. is registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). Learn more

    Second good very good news, as it has fewer fees than banks so, we offer a GREAT 5% OFF with coupon code “wise“.

    The third good news is if you order from elsewhere than the USA, the currency exchange rate to USD is the lowest worldwide. So compared to Paypal that makes you a saving of 9%.

    In case you send money from USA: Chinese banks accept only USD and Transferwise doesn’t allow to send USD to USD. So please choose EURO in current of departure and USD in the country of destination. Process as below on the picture. As your bank will charge you around 1% more, please use the coupon code “wiseUSA” and you will get 1% more discount, so you can 6% discount.

    Don’t hesitate if you wish any support about, we’ll make video tutorial shortly.


    Doge Audio Bank Transfer Payments

    Bank swift wire transfer

    This option is extremely fast, 1 day on average, sometimes within the same day if done in the morning. Please select this option at check-out and you will have our bank data displayed after payment and a link in the confirmation email with all detailed instructions that you can read here as well:

    Because Paypal and other payment gateways have increased their fees year after year, if you choose this method of payment, as we don’t have collection fees, we offer a GREAT 5% OFF, corresponding to the savings of CC collection fees as Chinese banks don’t charge collection fees. Please use the coupon “bank” at checkout to get this 5% discount. In case you think a bank transfer versus Credit Card or Paypal is very risky, please read this

    Please know that if you order elsewhere than USA, Paypal was charging your 4% conversion rate and major credit cards charge 3%. The bank transfers use interbank rate which is just 0.25% so 15 times cheaper than Paypal. In such a case, paying by bank transfer makes you actually a saving of 9% (minus bank fees of around $30).



    We dislike them a lot. They are user-oriented only and serve bad merchants.  If you don’t have other means to pay, we’ll accept it. Should be paid only a short time prior to delivery. We don’t accept it for preorder. Typically no later than 2 weeks prior delivery.


    > DELIVERYdhl-service

    If nothing is mentioned about availability it means our products are available. In case our products would be unavailable, you will have a message displayed automatically at check-out.

    Once we have received your funds we need 5 to 6 working days to prepare your order. This time is because we have to set your country voltage to do a burn-in and prepare documents. One time-consuming task is we do a special premium export packing with 6 layers of protections.

    We are very proud of this packing and funny thing is that we even got a few complaints that it took too much time to unpack. As far as we understood, these complaints were humoristic! You have unpacking videos on Doge 7 and Doge 9 pages.

    NOTE: Since December 2020 as we got several awards including the best product 2020, the demand for our products soared, we have now 4 to 6 WEEKS LEAD TIME. This is a temporary situation and we should be back to normal within May or June. 

    Only DOGE 5 has a normal 1-week lead time.


    DHL transit time is 5/6 days in most of the countries and they do offer an efficient tracking service.

    Please note that with Covid DHL is sometimes suffering significant delays up to 3/4 days more. It is random, it can remain 5/6 days for some destination, while 10 days for others.

    * Please note that in some very limited cases, due to local customs regulations we might have to choose another carrier.


    All along the way to your home, the goods travel under OUR responsibility. If a parcel is lost or if a good is damaged during the shipment, we would replace it within a few days and you would have to deal only with us, Doge Electronics factory, and not with any DHL insurance service.


    We are working on return capabilities and will explain it here in the coming days. Right now our policy is as follow :

    On the contrary to a local shop, the product price includes a significant amount of shipping cost. A return would wast a huge amount of shipping fees, and if we want to offer this service that would mean we have to increase all our prices. As we have 96% satisfaction rate, if you are in the unlucky 4% who don’t like our sound performance, the best way is to resell the product which would make a smaller loss than a return.

    As evidence of this, you will find extremely low quantities of DOGE products on the second hands market.

    If it is unimaginable for you to make a purchase prior to listening please note that similar products in brick and mortar shops would cost 3 to 4 times our price. So we think that is worth taking a little risk of having to resell your product if you are among the 4% of people who don’t like their sound performance.