HOW TO BUY a DOGE product ?

    Note: all our prices are IN U.S Dollars



    Since 2013 we sell directly to you and since 2017 this factory-direct website is the only place to buy a Doge product. It is eCommerce compliant, safe, and uses HTTPS “Secured Mode” (there is a “lock” icon on your browser).

    To purchase, or just check the total price with shipping, you just need to add your product to the cart, a new window will open to let you fill your country to know the total price + shipping, and then if you want to go ahead, to check-out and pay your order by yourself. After your order, you can log on to your account at any time to check your order status.

    After having tried different local dealerships, we reached the conclusion that the best service we could do was to deal directly with you. Furthermore, having no middlemen between you and us, allows us to offer you a very low price on average at 1/3rd the price our products were sold in Germany under our ex-OEM partner brand “LUA”.

    > One single WARNING for full transparency: sourcing from us, you are making an import and possibly get tax at arrival or Trump’s tariffs for US buyers.

    What does it mean? Is an import something complicated?

    NO WAY!  DHL will do all brokerage job for you. The delivery is to your front door and is a fast and simplified import process where DHL does all in one service, including shipping and customs clearance brokerage (generally 24h) and you never deal yourself with customs.

    Doing an import, basically just means that depending on your country, you might have an import duty to pay at arrival. Some countries might have no import duties while some others might have higher than average. If you want to know more about import duties, taxes, or tariffs which are the only difference between an import compared to a domestic online purchase,

    Please click here as we list the taxes for most western countries.



    Doge export so far in 43 countries. We have a comprehensive and extremely accurate table of all voltages around the world. It is our price in 7 years of direct sales not to have done any mistake about voltage. To avoid confusion, please precise your voltage only if you are a temporary expat and for example, you live in the USA and use 230V device (instead of 120V) of your original country with an auto-transformer for the whole house and you plan to go back to your country soon.


    Doge Audio Credit Card Payments


    at checkout, you will have these two choices, called :


      > choice (A): Paypal or credit card with fast check-out. 

    Whether you have Paypal account or not, we use Paypal as service company for credit card payment. If you don’t want to use Paypal account, even you have one, just click at the check-out step on “I don’t have Paypal account, I want to pay by credit card.

    We dislike them a lot. They are user-oriented only and are very severe with Chinese merchants charging very high fees that we have then been obliged to include in all our prices listed on this website.

    With only 10mn time, you can save 5% using the Gateway below called and up to 10% if you are in a non-USD country. And also with use credit card.


     > choice (B) (recommended) : “5% OFF with credit card (through gateway) or bank wire transfer. Payment after email order confirmation”

    Click on it, proceed checkout, and there is no immediate payment at this first step. You will receive first an order notification that will inform you that your order is on hold unit will receive your funds. That’s only after you get in your email box the order notification that time you will be asked to pay. The key difference is you will have to register on prior to pay if you want to use credit card, or without Wise registration if you want to pay by bank transfer.

    At this step you will have do a choice between simplicity (A) or cost savings (B).

    Even we advise “choice B” as you save 5%, we don’t judge and respect any choice you are more comfortable with. With choice A, it will take you 2mn to complete payment and you do it immediately at check-out, whereas with choice B, it will take you 10mn more time, BUT you save 5%. We respect both choices.

    FIRST OF ALL, you know bank transfers, but you might not know Wise. WHO IS WISE? Is it reliable??

    Doge Audio Credit Card Payments is not another xxx website, it is A VERY BIG COMPANY, and worth 10 billion USD on the LSE (London Stock Exchange) under the ticker “WISE.L”.

    Wise has passed from the status of a startup 6 years ago to the WORLDWIDE LEADING COMPANY FOR OVERSEAS PAYMENTS and one of the most reliable payment platforms in the world.

    > Why do we offer 5% discount whereas it offers credit card payment as well?

    Because is a new awesome hybrid system where you can fund your payment by all major credit cards on your side, whereas on our side, the money arrives in our bank account with no fees.

    Having no collection fees, it is fair that we refund you the 5% Paypal fees already included in all our prices. We do savings, we fully refund you these savings.

    Why does it need 10mn of additionnal process?

    Because is ultra-secure, so you need to register prior to payment, and like most websites pass through the email address verification, entering, name, address, etc… So is really worth the few minutes for registration as you get the 6% off, and use the credit card from your home. After clicking on the link below you will see a VIDEO TUTORIAL.

    Click here to know more in detail how to pay with WISE and watch a tutorial video?


    Doge Audio Bank Transfer Payments   

    > Choice (B) with BANK SWIFT WIRE TRANSFER instead of Wise

    This option is extremely fast, 1/2 day on average, sometimes within the same day if done in the morning. Please select this option at check-out and you will have our bank data displayed after payment and a link in the confirmation email with all detailed instructions that you can read here as well:

    Because Paypal and other payment gateways have increased their fees year after year, if you choose this method of payment, as we don’t have collection fees, we offer a GREAT 5% OFF, corresponding to the savings of CC collection fees as Chinese banks don’t charge collection fees. Please use the coupon “bankwise” at checkout to get this 5% discount.

    In case you think a bank transfer versus Credit Card or Paypal is risky or if your bank clerk absolutely recommends you not to do it, please read this section

    Please know that if you order elsewhere than USA, Paypal charges you 4% conversion rate and major credit cards charge 3%. The bank transfers use an interbank rate which is very low: 0.25% , which means 16 times cheaper than Paypal. If you are in a non-USD country, in such a case, paying by bank transfer makes you actually a saving of almost 10% (minus bank fees of around $30).



    > DELIVERYdhl-service

    If nothing is mentioned about availability it means our products are available. In case our products would be unavailable, you will have a message displayed automatically at check-out.

    Once we have received your funds we need 5 to 6 working days to prepare your order. This time is because we have to set your country voltage to do a burn-in and prepare documents. One time-consuming task is we do a special premium export packing with 6 layers of protection.

    We are very proud of this packing and funny thing is that we even got a few complaints that it took too much time to unpack. As far as we understood, these complaints were humorous! You have unpacking videos on Doge 7 and Doge 9 pages.

    DHL transit time is 6/7 days in most countries and they do offer an efficient tracking service. 

    * Please note that in some very limited cases, due to local customs regulations we might have to choose another carrier.



    All along the way to your home, the goods travel under OUR responsibility. If a parcel is lost or if a good is damaged during the shipment, we would replace it within a few days and you would have to deal only with us, Doge Electronics factory, and not with any DHL insurance service.


    On the contrary to a local shop, the product price includes a significant amount of shipping cost. A return would waste a huge amount of shipping fees, and if we want to offer this service that would mean we have to increase all our prices. As we have 96% satisfaction rate, if you are in the unlucky 4% who don’t like our sound performance, the best way is to resell the product which would make a smaller loss than a return. However, we are extremely surprised that Galion Audio located in North America doesn’t do returns. It’s a bit mean for a merchant who presents his rebranded tweaked Doge 10 as an awesome amp. Why Thomas Tan is so scared people would return their amp??? 

    To come back to Doge, as evidence of this, you will find extremely low quantities of DOGE products in the second hands market.

    If it is unimaginable for you to make a purchase prior to listening please note that similar products in brick-and-mortar shops would cost 3 to 4 times our price. So we think that is worth taking a little risk of having to resell your product if you are among the 4% of people who don’t like their sound performance.