FIRST OF ALL, WHO IS ? Is it reliable?? is not another payment website as we see more and more , it is A VERY BIG COMPANY, and already worth 10 billion USD on the LSE (London Stock Exchange) under tracker “WISE.L” and his capitalisation is higher than many traditional banks.

    WISE has passed from the status of a startup 6 years ago to the WORLDWIDE LEADING COMPANY FOR OVERSEAS PAYMENTS and one of the most reliable payment platforms in the world.

    Why do we offer 5% discount?

    Because is a new innovative awesome hybrid system where you can fund your payment by all major credit cards whereas the money arrives on our bank account with no fees on our side, so we refund you the 5% Paypal fees included in all our prices.

    Why does it need 10mn of process?

    Because is ultra-secure, so you need to register prior to payment, and like most websites passing through the email address verification, entering, name, address, etc… So is really worth the few minutes for registration as you get the 6% off, and use the credit card from your home.

    What is the detailed process to pay with Wise ?

    There are two basic steps. Once you will have chosen the option “Bank/” at checkout, your order will be completed and you will first receive an order notification with the amount to pay.

    Then log on to with the account you will have just registered. In the field “send money”, enter first our email address and it will automatically fill in our bank information (only name remains manual DOGE ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.) at the same time it will inform us your funds are on the way. Even the email field is optional, don’t forget to fill it in as you would have to enter our bank information manually if you leave it blank.

    Note for US citizens : it might happen sometimes that Wise refuses to send USD from USD. If so, then just chose the recipient currency in EURO as Chinese banks now accepts EUROS.

    It is extremely fast, generally one working day in average and we’ll be informed of payment within a few hours, so we’ll put immediately your order as paid status and processing even before the funds arrive. We’ll have soon a tutorial online, even it is already super simple and friendly to use. Much more easy than Paypal.

    It is extremely safe, FCA regulated. TransferWise Inc. is registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). Learn more

    To get this GREAT 5 % OFF please use coupon code “bankwise” after you add the product to the cart.

    The last good news is if you order from elsewhere than the USA, the currency exchange rate to USD is the lowest worldwide. So compared to Paypal or “fast credit card” that makes you a saving of 10%.


    Don’t hesitate to mail if you wish any support about how to use, in case this tutorial is not clear enough.