Is it Risky to use international Bank wire transfer to pay a Doge product ?

    Before you watched a Youtube video reviewing our product, our brand was probably unknown from you. So here are lot of questions you might raise.

    1. If I send bank transfer and something wrong happens like I never get delivered, what can I do?
    2. 2 If the company go in bankruptcy after I placed my order will I lose my money?

    All these questions are legitim and we want to reply in full transparency.

    1) You will not find any testimony worldwide of a customer not delivered. We have not 100% of satisfaction rate, even Apple has only 96% satisfaction rate, so you could find a few testimonies of an unhappy customer, and if would occur, don’t hesitate to ask our version to compare with his version and make your own judgment. So you might find a few unhappy customers like you would find a few unhappy customers from Apple or Amazon…. BUT never any testimony of a customer not delivered or with the wrong product since we start our direct sales in 2013. We challenge anybody to do this 🙂

    In fact, you are much more protected than you think doing a bank wire transfer.

    indeed with the wire transfer, you wouldn’t be protected like feeling a Paypal claim, but you would immediately describe your experience in the comments below the video reviews or other forum and our reputation would be killed and we really don’t want that !!. 

    In addition, Thomas and Jay the first reviewers who did videos about our products are very very vigilant about the products they recommend in their review. They even sometimes mail us about customers’ inquiries of why we faced delay after getting their awards. They replied to this customer that any company getting an award face shortage in the days after the award). But meanwhile, they wrote to us “hey guys, I gave you an award but I want you to deliver my followers quickly if you want to have a chance to get other products been reviewed.

    For potential delays, they would remind you at any time, that an awarded company should respect their customer, BUT, if it happened they would know a customer would be undelivered for 100% sure they would remove the video our products and we move from shadow to light with their video so we absolutely need these videos to stay online, so the reviewers are your best protection.

    2) bout our company going into Bankruptcy after you place your order. Our company has solid assets of $150,000. It exists since 2003 and is registered in the chamber of commerce of Changsha Hunan province, you can find it on the internet and we have an export license.

    But your best insurance is our chairman, Mr. Liu with 35 years of experience in audio. He is a really down-to-earth person. If one day our company would face financial difficulties and it never happened so far, he would simply sell the inventory and shunt down the company, but would never collect money from customers he would know in advance not being able to deliver. And myself, Marc, sales manager, would never accept to collect from you a payment for a product I know our company might be not able to deliver.