A shorcut of all DOGE range of products in video

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    In December 2019, DOGE attended for the first time the biggest event for Chinese audiophiles, the Guangzhou A/V fair (Guangzhou is the Chinese name of Canton) renamed after the cultural revolution. Guangzhou is the third city of China, but is audio fair is considered as the audio main event in China.

    As all our products were on the stand we took the opportunity to make a video. We made just one shot as just after the first visitors arrived earlier as expected. On this video I take the opportunity to show in real-time our PAB autobias and our DUAL CLASS mode.

    Sorry for my strong accent!! At the end of the show I had no more voice, so a second shot was impossible.


    We just released a new version DOGE 5 called “PADC”, with the latest Doge features but minimal price!

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    Since we discontinued our “Doge 5” in 2017, we received a lot of requests if we could use the EL34 tube on our Prima Donna integrated. So, we decided to redesign the Doge 5 in a new similar chassis and include a series of features like, our second-generation PAB autobias, Dual-class mode (A & AB), Auto Protection Mode, Dead Tube Indicator, etc.

    Moreover, its output transformer as well as the power transformer are made of imported Japanese Z10 core steel.

    Long story short, the new “Doge 5 PADC” is all you need from an amplifier. Nothing more, nothing less. 4 RCA inputs, 4 ohms & 8 ohms speaker output, and high-class Japanese ALPS potentiometer, luxury black aluminum remote controller.

    The same smart protection cage as Doge Prima Donna (now rename Doge 10) is offered as an option, a very sophisticated removable unit that has strong magnets to stick with the amp with no screws or holes in the chassis.

    For further information and purchase, please follow the link, is now e-commerce compliant !

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    We have redesigned our website. You can now order online !!

    Just like major website like Let’s enjoy it and give us comments if you think it suits your needs.

    DOGE 8 CLARITY (2017 Edition)

    DOGE 8 got a new review

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    Our DOGE 8 has been reviewed in March on . That’s not the latest version that has been reviewed, but as you can imagine we improve regularly our product all what is said will be better for DOGE 8 CLARITY.