No surprise, inflation is also present at Doge

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    We have tried to keep all our price stable during 2022 even though a terrific inflation was facing us. Raw materials, parts, but also labour.

    We did believe the action of central banks would lower this inflation. But since New year we had not choice that to include inflation in  our prices. Tubes price, in particular small tubes, have soared.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    BAD NEWS, due to cargo congestion and many people moving to air, DHL increase its prices

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    You may have heard about cargo congestions. There is a shortage of containers and all routes from China to Europe or China to USA face an increase of price 5 times and delivery time is 3 months instead of 3 weeks. As a symbolic result of that, IKEA recently announced that 20% of products are on backorder.

    So many companies face fears not to be delivered for Black Friday or Christmas turn to Air Freight as now the difference between sea freight and air freight is small.

    We already notice this since two weeks are transit time from our factory to USA was 6/7 days and passed to 12/14 days.

    Today DHL informed that there will be a significant price increase to USA and price increase to Europe. We will have to include these price increase, but to show our good willingness, we’ll keep shipping current shipping costs for orders placed until Sunday 24th 23:59.

    Please note that even the tax enter in effect on November 7th, due to the queue for preparation time, all orders placed now will be pick-up the 7th or later.


    We just released a new version DOGE 5 called “PADC”, with the latest Doge features but minimal price!

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    Since we discontinued our “Doge 5” in 2017, we received a lot of requests if we could use the EL34 tube on our Prima Donna integrated. So, we decided to redesign the Doge 5 in a new similar chassis and include a series of features like, our second-generation PAB autobias, Dual-class mode (A & AB), Auto Protection Mode, Dead Tube Indicator, etc.

    Moreover, its output transformer as well as the power transformer are made of imported Japanese Z10 core steel.

    Long story short, the new “Doge 5 PADC” is all you need from an amplifier. Nothing more, nothing less. 4 RCA inputs, 4 ohms & 8 ohms speaker output, and high-class Japanese ALPS potentiometer, luxury black aluminum remote controller.

    The same smart protection cage as Doge Prima Donna (now rename Doge 10) is offered as an option, a very sophisticated removable unit that has strong magnets to stick with the amp with no screws or holes in the chassis.

    For further information and purchase, please follow the link, is now e-commerce compliant !

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    We have redesigned our website. You can now order online !!

    Just like major website like Let’s enjoy it and give us comments if you think it suits your needs.

    DOGE 8 CLARITY (2017 Edition)

    DOGE 8 got a new review

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    Our DOGE 8 has been reviewed in March on . That’s not the latest version that has been reviewed, but as you can imagine we improve regularly our product all what is said will be better for DOGE 8 CLARITY.


    Customers’ feedback new feature – Feel free to use it

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    Most of us trust now more the users’ feedback of a product we are looking to buy rather than journalists’ reviews who have often ambiguous relations with the manufactures who are also their customers because they advertise in their magazines.

    We are a small company and we have limited budget to advertise. If you are happy with your Doge product, whether you bought from us since we opened our corporate website or before it existed, you are welcome to let a feedback on the Doge product(s) you own.

    We also accept feedback from customers who have owned our products in the past and who have sold it between for any reason (system change, upgrade…).

    All goal is to offer high-end products at affordable price. If you are happy with our policy please help us to develop with leaving your feedback.


    The only two rules we set are that :


    1) he main purpose of this feedback new section is to tell your experience about our products. You can can mention as well if you are happy with our service, but it should be done at the end of your review. In the coming months we’ll develop a new section to let feedback especially about our direct sale service we started in 2013.


    2) we will accept negative feedback only for Doge products owners who sourced from us or from one of our authorized dealers. If you have sourced from an unauthorized dealer you might have received a defective unit without we were informed.


    Thanks for your support !


    Please note : right now there is a few feedback done by us just to test if the system works. We will erase them shortly.

    DOGE 9 PAB

    We have released a new version of our flagship power amplifiers DOGE 9

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    Our flagship power amplifiers DOGE 9 has been discontinued and a new version has been released under the name of DOGE 9 PAB. It includes of course our PAB autobias and many new features.