BAD NEWS, due to cargo congestion and many people moving to air, DHL increase its prices

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    You may have heard about cargo congestions. There is a shortage of containers and all routes from China to Europe or China to USA face an increase of price 5 times and delivery time is 3 months instead of 3 weeks. As a symbolic result of that, IKEA recently announced that 20% of products are on backorder.

    So many companies face fears not to be delivered for Black Friday or Christmas turn to Air Freight as now the difference between sea freight and air freight is small.

    We already notice this since two weeks are transit time from our factory to USA was 6/7 days and passed to 12/14 days.

    Today DHL informed that there will be a significant price increase to USA and price increase to Europe. We will have to include these price increase, but to show our good willingness, we’ll keep shipping current shipping costs for orders placed until Sunday 24th 23:59.

    Please note that even the tax enter in effect on November 7th, due to the queue for preparation time, all orders placed now will be pick-up the 7th or later.


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