Customers’ feedback new feature – Feel free to use it

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    Most of us trust now more the users’ feedback of a product we are looking to buy rather than journalists’ reviews who have often ambiguous relations with the manufactures who are also their customers because they advertise in their magazines.

    We are a small company and we have limited budget to advertise. If you are happy with your Doge product, whether you bought from us since we opened our corporate website or before it existed, you are welcome to let a feedback on the Doge product(s) you own.

    We also accept feedback from customers who have owned our products in the past and who have sold it between for any reason (system change, upgrade…).

    All goal is to offer high-end products at affordable price. If you are happy with our policy please help us to develop with leaving your feedback.


    The only two rules we set are that :


    1) he main purpose of this feedback new section is to tell your experience about our products. You can can mention as well if you are happy with our service, but it should be done at the end of your review. In the coming months we’ll develop a new section to let feedback especially about our direct sale service we started in 2013.


    2) we will accept negative feedback only for Doge products owners who sourced from us or from one of our authorized dealers. If you have sourced from an unauthorized dealer you might have received a defective unit without we were informed.


    Thanks for your support !


    Please note : right now there is a few feedback done by us just to test if the system works. We will erase them shortly.

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