The Happy New Year’s good news: Doge increase its warranty to 2 years on all its products

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    as we want to show you our trust in our construction quality.

    But, as there is a little “but”, as the warranty is served in your country with local labor cost and not Chinese labor cost we adjusted a bit our price as we do every 1st January but we took the opportunity of this good news to tell you this raise is a bit higher this year as have to follow the Chinese Yuan incredible strength that has increased by around 10% in these past 3 months and raw material increase as the recovery is strong in China. This price adjustment is nothing related to the awards we got in December.

    Would this currency movement keep going, we might have to readjust our prices again with one-month prior notice.

    Please understand that big factories have financial tools to compensate for sudden currency moves. But for small companies like ours, if the Chinese Yuan increases by 10% it means, on our bank account, we get 10% fewer Yuans for the same amount of US dollars.

    As our products have extraordinary sound performances please forget this price adjustment and just remind Doge now offers now 2 years full warranty on most of its products. We are among the rare Chinese manufacturers doing so.

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