Addenum to order DOGE7/DOGE8/DOGE9 as described below

    Addenum to order DOGE7/DOGE8/DOGE9 as described below


    These power blocks are simply incredible. They will offer you the better sound money can buy for this range of products.



    This page is indented to Jairo

    The initial order was ONE SET DOGE7/DOGE8/DOGE9 2017 EDITION composed as bottom of page. Jairy wants to add :

    1. 12 x POWER CABLE BADA SP-150 x 1.8m
    2. 2 x 2.5M CABLE RCA BADA SR 2.8
    3. 3 x VIBORG VM80 power conditioner
    4. CIF shipment (cost insurance freight) door to door
    5. prices are as follow :
    6. Power conditioner $199 each
    7. 2.5 cable 279 x 30% discount
    8. power cord $119 x 30% dicount
    9. shipping cost : power conditionner $39
    10. shipping cost : power conditionner $14

    TOTAL IS power cord shipped : 98 each total 1176

    RCA cable shipped 170 each total = 340

    Viborg : 238 each = 714 >> 699

    TOTAL ORDER : 2215 >> rounded at $2199



    1. ONE PAIRE OF DOGE 9 2017
    2. 4x 12AX7-T + Optional upgrade of 211 to LINLAI E-211 (four tubes in total)
    3. ONE PREAMP DOGE 8 Clarity
    4. 4x 12A7-T + 4 x 12AX7-T
    5. ONE DAC DOGE 7
    6. 2x 12A7-T + 4 x 12AX7-T
    7.  ONE INTERCONNECTION CABLE to switch one the DOGE 9 from DOGE 8 remote controller
    8. 4 x POWER CABLE BADA S8P x 1.8m
    9. 2 x 1M CABLE RCA BADA S8R
    10. 1 x 1.75M CABLE RCA BADA S8R
    11. CIF shipment (cost insurance freight) door to door

    For the product descriptions, please refer individually to the products pages









    Rated power (class AB)200W RMS per channel
    Tubes components211 x2, EL34 x2, 12AT7 x4 (for one mono-block)
    RCA Inputs1
    Stand-by modeyes
    Doge Soft-startyes
    Auto-protection modeYes
    BiasPAB Autobias
    Feedback selection switchYes
    Bandwidth12Hz to 50KHz
    Signal to noise ratio>90db
    Input impedance50K ohms
    Input sensitivity2V
    Output impedance1 x 8 ohms + 1 x 4 ohms
    Size in inchesW:17″ x D:19.7″ x H:12.2″
    Size in cmW:43cm x D:50cm x H:31cm
    Weight in pounds106pds + packing (per block)
    Weight in Kg48kg + packing (per block)
    Voltage depending your countryDepending on your country 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V (100V on special order)
    Warranty1 years for electronics, 3 months for vacuum tubes


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