BADA S-8P – OCC + Silver plated Power Cord (customizable length)

    BADA S-8P – OCC + Silver plated Power Cord (customizable length)


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    It is a really awesome cable, manufactured by BADA, a company with who we have very friendly relations as their amplifiers are solid-state, so we are not in direct competition.

    BADA is 25 years old experienced company manufacturing audio cables with proprietary designs.

    This cable is a hybrid very interesting design at it takes the best of each alloy. it is made of thick star shape OCC (monocrystal pure copper which means it is one single copper crystal from beginning to the end of the cable). The star shape makes the skin of the copper to have a larger surface for a total of 4mm.

    Each OCC wire is connected with another silver wire, thinner. So each phase and neutral has two PVC isolated wires, subdivided itself in several other wires, OCC or silver, and on a diagram in the photo gallery.

    The overall is isolated with a copper tress and an alu foil

    The cables come with a standard length of 1.8 meter.

    However we made special agreements with Bada, so you can order any length on special order and we’ll customize it for you, the lead time is one week + shipping from Bada factory to our factory (2/3 days).

    The cost is $40 for any additional 0.5 meter and we offer the customization service for free. There are already some choices of different lengths in options, but we can do any length

    The power plugs are IEC on one side and U.S plug on the other side (photo). We can make on demand Schuko plug and UK plug.

    This power cord will carry more transparency and is really surprising compare to its price level.


    NOTE: for the moment, cables are supplied only with an amplifier, preamp or DAC. The shipping cost is offered and will be put in the carton of the device ordered.


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