BADA S-8S – Silver + OCC speakers cable (customizable)

    BADA S-8S – Silver + OCC speakers cable (customizable)


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    It is a really awesome cable, manufactured by BADA, a company is South-China with who we have very friendly relations as their products are not in direct competition with ours.

    BADA is 25 years old experienced company manufacturing audio cables with their proprietary design.

    This cable is made of OCC (monocrystal pure copper which means it is one single copper crystal from beginning to the end of the cable) half of the wires are OCC copper but with silver plating to have better electron circulation the skin of the cables for high frequencies, while the low frequencies use copper wires. So it is a clever hybrid cable, matching OCC, and OCC + silver.

    The cables come with a standard length of 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) and the price is for a PAIR of speakers cables (R+L channels). They have a luxury “snake” shape appearance.

    However we made special agreements with Bada, so you can order any length on special order and we’ll customize it for you, the lead time is one week + shipping from Bada factory to our factory (2/3 days).

    What is important is we bill only by one meter. If you need only 0.5M longer, we still charge 1 meter, as a requirement of Bada not to make things too complicated, but we can use 0.5M customization length as well if you want a very precise length.

    The photo is taken with a standard banana plug from the US brand CMC (made in Taiwan). We strongly encourage you to upgrade to the standard banana plug to the CMC-0600-WF as we are not fans of the standard plug which is worth only if you remove cables only occasionally no more than once per year. The CMC-0600-WF banana plug on contrary can firmly hold by screwing a ring that enlarge the banana jack inside the banana socket and make a much-improved contact and a better electrons circulation. I have them in my home for 13 years and still work very well.


    NOTE: for the moment, cables are supplied only with an amplifier, preamp or DAC. The shipping cost is offered and will be put in the carton of the device ordered.


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