DOGE 10 MK3-B


    The most innovative integrated tube amplifier worldwide. A unique Dual Class mode coupled with autobias managed by microprocessor.  All this for an incredible sound performance.

    To know the total price including shipping cost to your front door, please click "Add to Cart" and in the next page click "Calculate Shipping" (You won't have to register, just select your country if necessary.)


    To know the total price including shipping cost to your front door, please click "Add to Cart" and in the next page click "Calculate Shipping" (You won't have to register, just select your country if necessary.)

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    Because our factory is at its maximum capacity due to lot of order, we have first to finish other models assembling before starting assembling DOGE 10 MK3. So we don’t guarantee a firm delivery date. Please consider preorder as a waiting list and then please don’t send payment.

    We’ll inform you about when to pay around two weeks before the units will be ready to dispatch.



    DOGE 10 is an awesome KT88 push-pull delivering 60W RMS. It is unique as although 100% tube amp, it has the advantages of the solid-state amps + the benefits of the tube world. (Thomas & Stereo)

     “Best bang for the bucks” (Thomas & Stereo). Watch the review below.

    Our customers who already own this amplifier gave us so much positive feedbacks and comparison with other brands they previously owned, that we consider it regarding customer’s reviews, as one of the best-integrated tube amplifiers on the market for its price. You might find some KT88 amps from China at $1099, sometimes even $899 without remote, sometimes with a pretty good appearance,… but none will offer such sound performance, so many features, and last but not least, such reliability as Doge 10. Our Doge 10 compares favorably with amps in the range of $3000 to $6000. 

    The main differences between Doge 10 MK2 & Doge 10 MK3 are as follow:

    There is no change in sound performance between MK2 and MK3 versions, so if you don’t need the subwoofer or Home Theater features, you can buy MK2 version which is cheaper and available more “quickly”.

    1) the addition of the Subwoofer output which is very complicated to implement on a tube amp at it requires an isolation system to avoid rejection of signal into the tubes, whereas it is something very simple in the solid-state world. All tube amplifiers on the market having Subwoofer output are priced at least $3,490.

    2) Doge 10 MKIII has a pre-in input, in case for example you want to drive Doge 10 by the pre-out of your HT amplifier. Please don’t mistake HT bypass which is a feature only in the preamp and not on integrated. HT bypass doesn’t exist on integrated amps.

    3) Doge 10 MKIII is offered in silver but in black as well. The top transformer cover and plate around the tubes remain silver. The pillars and front panel for the black version are black.

    4) It offers some customization features (see at the bottom of this page).

    The DOGE 10 MK3 will be available for delivery between March 30th and April 15th. If you place a preorder you will be sure to get one unit as we order as most of them are already booked. The next production will be in the mid of May. You will be asked to pay the unit only one-week prior to shipment.

    To place a preorder: at checkout choose bank transfer, then no payment will be required and your order will be recorded. Around two weeks before the units are ready for dispatch we’ll ask you for Payment. At that time you will be able to choose credit card payment or bank transfer.

    Please don’t make a full payment now, because our system will accept it, but the Chinese administration doesn’t allow us to keep payment other one month.



    DOGE 10 deserves the best speakers…

    With respect for our competitors, we don’t quote the name of the amps below as it exceeds their performance.

    Because our price is not only because we price more fairly than our competitors, it is also because of our system of direct distribution to you. Our competitors have to give profit margin to their distributors who promote them in exhibitions and visit regularly the retailers and of course to retailers who need profit margin to buy demo units.


    We recommend you to match Doge 10 with Doge 7 who got the Best 2020 DAC award!!

    The Doge 7 coupled with a tube amp has something unrealistic, magical…


    Doge 10 come with awesome comprehensive features

    • Doge PAB (Precision Auto-Bias) a computer-manager autobias
    • Doge DUAL CLASS mode, a computer-managed feature to switch from class AB to true Class A
    • Doge FLS (Feedback Loop Selector) for better speaker matching
    • Doge APM (Auto Protection Mode) to shutdown automatically the amp and protect your speakers if something wrong happens inside the amp.
    • Doge DTI (Dead Tube Indicator)
    • A sophisticated Soft-Start
    • A Ground Noise Reduction switch
    • A comprehensive remote in an elegant single piece aluminum
    • Turn-on/turn-off function from the remote controller. Very convenient

    Doge 10 is a KT88 push-pull integrated amplifier. it can be used with 6550 as well. However, it can’t use the KT150, and KT170 tubes. It can use the KT120 from Shuguang or Psvane but the Russian KT120s from Tungsol have an extremely high rate of defective tubes with unstable impedance and most of Tungsol KT120 will be recognized as defective by our DTI, so our processor will block them to preserve the safety of Doge 10.

    It can deliver 60 Watts RMS per channel in class AB and it goes to 30W in class A. Most of you probably know that true class A has less efficiency in counterpart it improves the sound performance.

    To sum up, the Doge 10 design concept, is we wanted to put the best of our technology and put in the best components, most of them imported. First of all, the key component is a pair of very high standard output transformers with high range Z10 core steel. Definitely, you can’t have a high-end amp without premium-grade output transformers. For other components we use Nippon Chemicon electrolytic capacitors, Japanese potentiometer ALPS “blue velvet” matched at 1% precision, German OMRON gold plated relays,…  And last but not least, you would be surprised if you were comparing the signal cable we use and those of well-known brands. Our signal cable is a very expensive silver-PTFE with shielding. We put attention to any single detail, like shielding even the inputs board with the relays.


    In any amplifier, a key component is the coupling capacitor as the signal pass through it. On Doge 10 we use UK high-end audiophile-grade coupling capacitor Claritycaps ‘ESA’ model, which we use in our famous Doge 8 Clarity preamp. We have been so impressed by their sound performance that we installed them on all our products. As a reference among many, the Italian speakers brand Sonus Farber uses them for their crossover in their $25,000 speakers



    We are proud to have introduced on the tube amps market in 2014 a totally new technology, the “Dual Class mode”. This is an exclusive feature of DOGE. Believe it or not, you really can’t find anywhere else worldwide on a tube amp !! 😎

    After the launch in 2011 of our patented Doge PAB Autobias, our microprocessor is now able to manage different levels of voltage and anode current. With Doge 10, you will be able to choose between class A and class AB within the same amplifier. It is really like having two amplifiers in one, making it very versatile for different types of speakers and even music.

    What is really different with Doge DUAL CLASS mode, compared with what you can read on our competitors’ websites, is that our class A is not what others call “floating class A”, which says for example their amp is in class A between 0 to 10W and then class B from 10W to 50W, etc…

    Such descriptions are for marketing purposes because an amplifier is either in class A or not. Period. True class A must have a very high anode current going through the tubes, whether you are at minimum power or maximum power. That’s the reason in class A we have programmed our microprocessor to set the anode current at the high value of 80mA to deliver a true class A with only 0.06% distortion, which is extremely low and extremely rare for a tube amp. For reference, 95% of KT88 amps have anode current from 30mA to 55mA. To be able to supply this high current to the tubes, the PADC microprocessor changes the main power voltage and the anode current (in class AB we have 50mA which is already in the highest standards). This is a process that requires around 45 seconds. That’s the reason only Doge 10 can say it is at the same time true class A and class AB, because you can’t use both at the same time.

    To be more practical as ampers are not familiar to most of you, in class AB the KT88 tubes get a 520V anode voltage, whereas in class A the KT88 tubes get a 460V anode voltage because it couldn’t have at the same time a high voltage and high current, which is the reason the max power is limited at 30W in class A. But you will be probably very surprised how these 30W sound like higher power because its very holographic sound. 

    Now some of you might think “why not do class A only if class A is a must?” Well, it is not that simple. Because class A in a push-pull design will have less distortion it might sound slightly less warm and, depending on everyone’s ears or tastes, some will prefer this lower distortion sound as very pure and neutral and some will prefer class AB, very “tubish” style. For some orchestral performance or live performance, depending on tastes and systems, class AB might sound better. On voices, class A might sound better. Finally, depending on your style of music and personal taste you might like one class better and this class might not be the same for everyone, as everyone taste is different and you, only, can decide which one you prefer and you might sometimes be willing to change according to the style of music you listen.

    We really make our best to make Doge 10 be one of the most versatile tube amp ever made, as something you never saw before. We didn’t even want to give this PADC feature to LUA as it is really “our baby” and knowing you can see it only on Doge and if some of you might think we are the ones who clone our OEM partner designs, it is the evidence all amplifiers manufactured by Doge, either on Doge brand or LUA brand are designed by Doge only (though a few customizations asked by LUA).

    What about the reliability of using a microprocessor in a tube amp?

    Since we launched our first generation of Autobias in mid-2011, we have never had any break-down of our microprocessor, which is a very well-proven STT unit (ST Microelectronics-Thomson). 

    If you want to take a break before going further into technical explanations, you can watch Doge 10 in one of our customer’s systems. We think interesting to show you this video as at least 5 customers reported to us an awesome match between Doge 10 and the Tekton speakers we have no idea technically why, but in case you need to buy new speakers as well, you can’t be wrong with matching Doge 10 with Tekton’s (and we have no commission on Tekton sales 🙂 )



    Any designer would have stopped here, but we still wanted more! So we created the FLS (Feedback Loop selector) function. Although you find now this feature and a few other brands (really just a few), we were among the firsts to do it if not the first. Almost all amplifiers have a negative feedback loop, which in two words means the amplifier re-inject a little part of the output signal into the input stage to make it more stable. In the 60’s this was considered as an improvement. But after some years have passed, many audiophiles consider the “zero feedback” as “the nirvana”, but this kind of electronic diagram requires ultra-stable speakers as it lowers the damping factor. Our point of view is we don’t know which speakers will be used with our Doge 10, so we preferred to do a design it with a feedback loop, but to let the user the choice of the strength of this feedback loop.

    We offer three choices, normal, medium, and low. Normal is what you find in most amplifiers on the market, whereas “low mode” is close to the zero feedback loop’s amps. This choice is to make upon your taste after listening, and “low” mode still keeps a little feedback to keep the amplifier stable and good damping factor.



    A good amplifier starts with a good power section.

    To supply the correct amount of power in particular in class A, we use a huge power transformer and a “Pi filtering” with a huge choke of 1H/1A.

    A “Pi” filtering is an association of an electrolytic capacitor, followed by a choke for filtering and a second electrolytic capacitor. On Doge 10 we have 500µF before and 500µF after the choke, so a total of 1,000µF !! It is an incredible source of energy. You will have in the same time a super silent power and firm and incredible basses even at Pmax 

    A big choke has a cost similar to a transformer, in particular, if like us, you use premium Z10 core steel. That’s the reason many manufacturers in the low or medium range, don’t use choke or make it very small. To make an explanation by image, we have chosen the internal picture from the integrated of a brand worldwide famous at $3,590. You can see the difference in size and construction quality of their choke, no need to add other explanations. To avoid any scale trick we have circled the ALPS potentiometer as we share this same component to show we use the same scale on both photos. 

    Making this explanation we don’t intend do mean that amps without choke have bad sound (we don’t make secret we don’t use on our Doge 5 at $1K, for example, to make it more affordable), and that doesn’t mean either that amps with smaller choke have necessarily bad sound, but, we wanted to point out we really put very high quality and expensive components inside Doge 10 and its smart design combined with high range components both together make an incredible sound! it is also visible on the scale with 29Kg unpacked.



    Compared to our first generation of PAB Autobias from 2011, we have put all the tubes LEDs on the front panel in order to make that the tube sockets area doesn’t look like a “Christmas tree”, and instead, we put a nice anodized aluminum plate. So everything can be controlled from the front panel.

    We offer as an option (many of you want to see the tube), a sophisticated protection cage which holds with strong magnets (enough strength for kids’ hands) so the appearance is elegant no visible holes on the chassis and no screws on the grid.

    It has a very holographic sound stage, we could say a 3D sound stage. It’s ultra-low distortion rate makes that you can listen for hours without feeling tired. The basses are particularly firm and dynamic.



    We want to let you know that the Doge 10 has been tested in the German STEREO magazine under model name LUA Sinfonia at $6500. It got the mark of 92% and 4 stars for the price value. You might think, and that would make sense, that probably this model shares the same schematics with the Doge 10 but certainly, the German partner put higher range components in it?


    The LUA Sinfonia uses very reliable, but industrial, Wima coupling capacitors whereas our audiophiles grade UK Claritycaps are 10 times the price of the Wimas. You can also note the number of connectors required by Mr. Lua whereas our Doge 10 use soldering only for perfect conduction and avoid any loose contact. We want clearly claim our own brand DOGE products are higher standards than our OEM German products. And you can understand why Doge 10 is a true bargain compared to the 5900€ of the Sinfonia!



    With NOS tubes worth $2500 that you can buy by yourself for cheaper it was ranked 95%


    We are fully aware that considering the German price we could have priced Doge 10 at higher levels. We really first wanted you to enjoy it. It might be in coming months we slightly increase its price, but it will be no more than a few hundred dollars.



    With the success and feedback from “Thomas & Stereo” Youtube Channel, we have concluded in order to provide the best possible experience to our future clients and from an audience that Thomas described as “it will suit to an audience of 30% of you only”, we expect these customizations will make move Doge 10 to an audience which will be almost all of you.

    Then we have decided to offer 3 versions of the Doge 10.

    Doge 10 MK3-A: Exact version Thomas & Loic initially reviewed. Incredible airy sound stage with an emphasis on resolution.

    Doge 10 MK3-B: An increase in warmth and musicality. 90% soundstage compared to the original version. This version will be the default version unless you specify otherwise.

    Doge 10 MK3-C: Warm, emotional, and musical. Excellent for long listening sessions. 80% soundstage compared to the original version.

    In our opinion, MK2-B is the best balance of both worlds unless you have really bright speakers or you are looking for a very musical-sounding amp. If you want version A or C, please mark it in the “remarks” field at checkout.

    Please note that none of these versions are A or C are bad. They are all good. it all depends on your personal taste. Spoil yourself according to your own taste. So far we had 20% demand for A version, 60% demand for the B-version, and 20% demand for the C-version.



    Doge 10 is supplied with the following stock tubes:

    KT88: Psvane KT88-C. It can be moved with no price change to Shuguang 6550B (please see the picture), which would bring a bit more warmth.

    12AT7 and 12AX7: Shuguang or Psvane with Doge additional QC

    If you want the 6550B, just at check-out put in the “comments” field: “please supply 6550B”. Please note with 6550B, Pmax will be limited to 55W. Because of its smaller glass, it has less heat dissipation.




    Factory upgrade means we offer upgraded tubes and we remove the price of stock tubes so you don’t have to pay twice if later you wish to upgrade. So if you chose a factory upgrade, stock tubes are not supplied.




    > Factory-direct price: once you will have checked-out (without need to register) you will fill your country and see our total price with includes delivery to your front door, Paypal or CC fees, and one year warranty served in your country. If you pay by bank transfer you will get 5% discount as our bank doesn’t charge us any fees (use coupon code “bank”). Possible taxes in your country are at your charge.


    Please note that for safety reasons according to international air freight regulations, remote controllers are not supplied with batteries. We use AA type batteries. Please plan to purchase some prior to the delivery.

    Additional information

    Color Choice

    Silver, Black

    Tubes componentsKT88 x4, 12AX7 x2, 12AT7 x2
    Rated Power in class AB60W RMS per channel.
    Rated Power in class A30W RMS per channel.
    RCA Inputs5
    Tape monitor outputs2, RCA
    Remote controllerYES
    Type of remote controllerLuxury black aluminum
    Bandwidth15Hz to 60KHz
    Signal to noise ratio (S/N)>92db (in class A)
    THD in Class A<0.06% at 30W
    THD in class AB<0.15% at 60W
    stand-by modeYES
    Class Mode SelectorYES
    Feedback loop selectorYES
    Auto-protection modeYES
    Soft-Start modeYES
    Ground Noise KillerYES
    Input impedance50K ohms
    Input sensitivity420mV
    Output impedance1 x 8 ohms + 1 x 4 ohms
    BiasPAB autobias new generation
    Size in InchesW:17″ x D:15.4″ x H: 8.7″
    Size in metricsW:43cm x D:39cm H: 22cm
    Weight in Pounds63 lbs + packing
    Weight in KG29kg + packing
    VoltageDepending on your country 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
    Warranty1 year for electronics, 1 month for vacuum tubes


    1. Oto Ekres

      The sound of the Prima Donna 88 is warm and precise. The Tekton Design – Double Impact speakers on Class A setting came alive and really unleashed the beauty of the sound these speakers are capable of producing. The Prima Donna with a nice DSD player and the Tekton Double Impact pair of speakers will sound like a high end system satisfying even the most demanding listener.

    2. Daniel

      —– Original Message —–
      From: Daniel
      To: Marc / DOGE overseas sales manager
      Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2016 7:22 AM
      Subject: Re: delivery

      Hi Marc,

      I have received the Prima Donna, so far it works wonderfully !!!

      The auto bias is amazing!
      As well, all the other technologies implemented in the unit. Bringing tube technology into 2020 !


    3. Aidan

      —– Original Message —–
      From: aidan c.
      To: Marc / DOGE overseas sales manager
      Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2016 2:32 AM
      Subject: Re: Your delivery

      Hi Marc

      the Prima Donna is fantastic, the burn in done and as you said, it would sound even better!
      my vinyl sounds amazing through the amp, so much more detail in the sound.


    4. Len Elias

      Found the Prima Donna Amp by following the YouTube video done by Oto. I was looking at the Tekton Design Impact Speakers (first Double Impact but my room is small so I didn’t need ‘that much speaker’. This Amp is an excellent match to to the TK Impact Speaker design- the sound stage is amazing, the Amp is so quiet during music pauses it’s almost unreal but the power is there if you want it. Combined with a decent turntable and the music comes alive. Shipping was easy with payment through PayPal. I had a few customer service questions and followed the links – responses were within hours. Overall very satisfied with the system and I’ve recommended this set up to several friends. Well done Doge!

    5. Juergen Neutz

      The Doge 10 is a phenomenal device. I have had several amplifiers, but the Doge 10 beats them all. I can fully support the review from Thomas & Stereo. I would go even further to say that at least 80% of people who buy the device will be more than happy with it. The build quality is stunning and even so the sound. Treble, mids and base are how they should be for a high end HiFi device. It packed really great so that a save delivery is assured.
      Well done Doge team!
      I will write further comment once the break-in period is over

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