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    An astonishing musical amp at almost $1K


    Doge 5 PADC  is condensed of Doge technology in a reasonable size will all that you need from a tube amp, no less, no more.


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    A great 2 x 40W EL34 Push-Pull with the latest DOGE technology the “PADC”, the patented DOGE Precision Autobias with Dual Class (A/AB).

    Great balance among Simplicity, Modernity, and Efficiency. Medium by his size but really high end by its performance.

    Some of you might remember might Doge 5? We produced from 2011 to 2017. Our customers really loved it, but its external design was a little bit old style, so we discontinued it in 2018 due to lower demand.

    Since that time, many of you asked us if we could use the EL34 tube on our Doge 10 integrated, showing us there is still a demand for EL34 aficionados.

    So we decided to redesign the DOGE 5 in a new chassis and new features, including the second generation of our PAB autobias microprocessor that allows our exclusive Dual-Class mode management, with the choice of class A or class AB. That means you have really two amps in one, as the voltage and the anode current in class A and class AB are totally different and believe it or not, Doge is the only manufacturer in the world doing that !

    Different voltages mean different powers. The class A is more energy-consuming and has 30W whereas the class AB has 40W. We improved the power section a bit and gained 5W compared to the previous DOGE 5 in class AB. To make it simple, the class A has a higher anode current, but we need to reduce the voltage. This higher anode current makes the sound a bit “purer”. In class AB, the anode current is lower so the voltage is higher. The reset time to switch between two class is around 50 seconds as our microprocessor recalibrate voltage and bias as explained above.

    Many of you might think “why not doing only class A if class A is better?” Well, it is not that simple. Because, the class A on a push-pull will have less distortion it might also sound slightly less warm if the ears of some of you. For some orchestral performance or live performance, depending on everyone tastes and systems, the class AB might be preferred by some of you. Finally, depending on your style of music and personal taste you might like one better and this one might not be the same for everyone. For the owners of Doge 10, that use this feature for several years now, some users use only class A, some only class AB and some switch of class from time to time.

    The last point is Max power. Some speakers might be low efficiency and you might need the 40W of the class AB. So it is a very comprehensive amp, for all styles of music and systems.

    • Includes our exclusive PAB (Precision Auto Bias)
    • Includes our DUAL CLASS mode, a unique new feature to switch from a 100% Class A mode to a 100% class AB mode
    • Includes our APM (Auto Protection Mode)
    • Includes our new DTI (Dead Tube Indicator)
    • Includes a sophisticated SOFT-START

    To sum-up Doge 5 PADC, this is all about simplicity and clarity with up to date features and technology. It uses very high-quality components, in particular high-class output transformer made with Z10 core steel imported from Japan (with 6% silicon) we also used this Z10 core steel for the power transformer, which allows us to offer real 35W although its small size, even at the very low frequency of 20Hz. We could have mentioned its power as 55W as it gets it from 28Hz to 20KHz, but we wanted to stick to the official RMS standard in mentioning our power, which is a very conservative power.

    For those who know the Jolida brand or Jolida story (you can read in “About us”) Mr Liu our general manager took inspiration to design Doge 5 from the Jolida JD202 that designed in 1995 under the title of chief engineer. It keep the sound color of the JD202 but goes much much further in terms of sound performance. In addition to higher range transformers, higher range capacitors he also improved the PCB layout using a double layers PCB to make the signal path shorter.

    All that you need from an amplifier is there in our Doge 5 PADC. Nothing more, nothing less. 4 RCA inputs, 4 & 8 ohms speakers outputs, and high-class Japanese ALPS potentiometer, that can be controlled either from the front panel or using the luxury black aluminum remote controller.

    The electrolytic capacitors are Japanese Nippon-Chemicon and we moved on this latest version to the high-end coupling capacitor Claritycaps that we use in our famous Doge 8.

    The new Doge 5 PADC comes with the same magic “PAB” (Precision Auto Bias) which is a fully microprocessor controlled Bias and just needs to press a button on the front panel or the remote controller to set the bias instead of using a voltmeter and a screwdriver.  But compared to our previous Doge 5 using the first generation of autobias, we have put all the tubes LEDs on the front panel in order to make the tube sockets area not to look like a Christmas tree, and instead, we put a nice anodized aluminum plate. In case you make the bias check or bias reset from your sofa with the remote controller, it is more convenient to see all LEDs at the same place.

    It has a warm gorgeous sound, a very neutral, beautiful voices, without lacking any bass. It is very musical and for people who never heard a tube amp before it will be an happiness shock.

    If you compare it with more expensive  amps, you will never believe it is almost $1K !

    We offer a protection grid as an option, a very sophisticated removable unit that holds with strong magnets (enough strength for a kid’s hand) so the appearance is beautiful with no visible holes on the chassis and no screws on the cage.



    The tubes origin are for :

    KT88 : Shugang EL34-B

    12AT7 and 12AX7 : Shuguang first grade with Doge additional QC

    We are very satisfied by this tubes matching, so we don’t offer any upgrade. However if you wish to use your own tubes, we can supply the amp without tubes and we’ll remove the tubes price. Please mail us if you wish to do so.



    We have made an incredible effort in our price policy. The first generation of Doge 5 was launched at $1,390 delivered. We included many new things, new chassis, new PADC mode, new coupling caps. We initially wanted to set the price at the same price, but due to covid 19 situation, we lowered it at $1,290. However the sophisticated cage couldn’t be included at that price.

    For previous owner of Doge 5 who want to move to this newer version we can offer special upgrade plans. Please mail us.

    > Estimated retail price in shops : $1,890 (excluding VAT)

    > Factory-direct price: from $1,290  including delivery to your front door, Paypal or CC fees, and one year warranty served in your country.

    > Optional smart protection cage : $69

    From December 2017, we do the same prices worldwide except for Asia, Russia, Brazil, and South-Africa and small islands. Please mail us for these special zones.

    Please note that for safety reasons according to international air freight regulations, remote controllers are not supplied with batteries. We use AA type batteries.

    Delivery Package Includes

    • Preamp

    • Remote

    • Cables

    • Vacuum Tubes

    Tubes componentsEL34 x4, 12AX7 x2, 12AT7 x2
    Rated Power in class AB40W RMS per channel.
    Rated Power in class A30W RMS per channel.
    RCA Inputs4
    Output Power40W RMS per channel.
    Max Output Power55W per channel (rated at 28Hz to 20kHz)
    Tape monitorNO
    Remote controllerYES
    Type of remote controllerLuxury black aluminum
    Stand-by ModeYES
    Class Mode SelectorYES
    Auto-protection modeYES
    Soft-Start modeYES
    BIASNew Generation PAB Autobias
    Bandwidth12Hz – 85KHz
    Signal to noise ratio>88db
    THD in Class A<0.06% at 30W
    THD in class AB<0.15% at 40W
    Input impedance50K ohms
    Input sensitivity420mV
    Output impedance1 x 8 ohms + 1 x 4 ohms
    Size in InchesW:13” x D:14.4” x H:6.7”
    Size in CMW:42cm x 36.5cm x H:18
    Weight in Pound45 pds + packing
    Weight in KG21kg + packing
    Voltage120V, 220V, 230V, 240V ()
    Warranty1 year for electronics, 3 months for vacuum tubes

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