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DOGE 8 CLARITY (2019 Edition)

The best tube preamp on the market below $6,000

DOGE 8 CLARITY (2019 Edition)

DOGE 8 Clarity is our newest and most achieved version of Doge 8. It is a pure tube preamp with a built-in 100% tube phono stage. It has 5 Line inputs and one phono input.

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Every 3 to 4 years we review our products’ performance and where possible we make improvements.  The “DOGE 8 LP”  replaced the DOGE 8 “2011 Edition” in early 2014 and in 2017 the DOGE 8 CLARITY replaced the DOGE 8 LP.

in 2019, just two years after the release of Doge 8 Clarity, we decided to add some new features to make DOGE 8 a more comprehensive preamp.

All previous versions are discontinued. 

The Doge 8 Clarity version is for sure the best DOGE 8 version ever designed.

DOGE 8 CLARITY 2017 Edition faced a very popular success with an incredible satisfaction rate of 96% versus the already excellent satisfaction rate of 92% for the DOGE LP.

Keeping consistency with this success, we didn’t attempt to do a ‘revolutionary’ change, that’s the reason we kept “DOGE 8 CLARITY” name, just adding “2019 Edition”

In order to avoid too heavy description of improvements between Doge 8 Clarity and prior version (there are available in “Doge 8 Clarity 2017 Edition” page), we just remind the “Clarity 8” added several features like higher performance coupling capacitors, gain control capability with a switch, MM-MC capability, high sensibility and low sensibility switch, removal of XLR output that was transforming Doge 8 LP and prior versions into an hybrid preamp.

For those of you who want a detailed history of prior version and detailed improvements of Clarity version versus prior versions, we let alive DOGE 8 Clarity “2017 Edition” web page which includes more technical details of all evolutions of Doge 8, whereas this page will more focus on evolution of “Clarity 2019” versus “Clarity 2017”.

Just a quick summary, however, the main event of DOGE 8 Clarity compared to prior version was the redesign of main PCB to fit higher range coupling capacitors with bigger size and removal of XLR to do so. This decision was not so difficult to take,  as by XLR output was using OPA chip to balance the signal and didn’t perform the same level of sound as RCA output. So XLR removal is NOT an economic choice for sure but an assumed choice to privilege sound performance.

In the 2019 Edition, we added :

  • DIP switches at the back panel to enlarge the choice of impedance input for MC cartridges with 4 choices in total, 3 impedances choice for MC (100 ohms, 300 ohms, 1 Kohms) and 1 impedance choice for MM  and (47K)
  • DIP switches at the back panel to enlarge the choice of capacitance input for all cartridges with 4 choices in total (47pf, 100pf, 150pf, 220pf).
  • a RCA tape-out output, mainly for those of you willing to have headphone connected to DOGE 8 as tape recorders a now out of date.
  • Click on thumbnails to see views of these new features. Please use the vertical arrows if necessary.

We warmly thank Brian a US customer living in Belarus for his suggestions and rewrite of many sections of this website.

The key feature of 2019 Edition, as well as the 2017 Edition, is the use of high-end coupling capacitors the UK ClarityCap ESA model that is, in our opinion, the best cost/performance choice.

We have chosen the name ‘Clarity’ for the latest version of the DOGE 8 as a reference to the ClarityCap brand and also because this nickname reflects very well the  DOGE 8’s main qualities of transparency and neutrality.


There are many testimonies in forums and blogs reporting that the DOGE 8 is the best preamp in the world at this price range. We won’t make that claim as we haven’t listened to all the other preamps in the world, but we are proud of this feedback. We also received customer’s feedbacks that it has no competitors below $5,000.

Arthur Salvatore, an independent reviewer managing the website .

One of our customers recently compared our Doge 8 Clarity to an Audio Research LS27 he owned. Finally, after having compared the sound performances, he was so impressed by our Doge 8 Clarity that he decided to sell his LS27 and to buy us the Doge 8 Clarity.

In addition to offering a fabulous sound performance, the DOGE 8 Clarity also includes a high-end full tube built-in Phono stage that can compare to stand-alone Phono preamps around the same price.

This preamp is incredibly neutral and transparent and provides all that you expect from a high-end preamp. You will be delighted by the silky sound of Doge 8  Clarity. It has this little warmth you can expect from a tube device, but not an exaggerated warmth compared to many other tube preamps. Those of our clientele that own solid state power amplifiers will like this transparency and subtlety.

The schematics (circuit design) of the Doge 8 Clarity is at the same time both simple and sophisticated. It allows perfect matching with all power amps as it has a sophisticated buffer impedance stage driven by a current generator. In addition, it has a high/low gain switch and a low impedance output both of which guarantee good matching with power amps.

The Doge 8 Clarity uses 2 transformers and a choke (a choke is a power supply filtering device which has similar electrical properties to a transformer).

One transformer is for main power and the second one is for standby mode and digital functions of the remote controller. This separates the digital and analog functions.

All components are either imported brands or Chinese high-end brands. The electrolytic capacitors are Japanese Nippon Chemicon, while film capacitors are French SCR or German WIMA and for the most sensitive ones, the coupling caps which the signal passes through, we now use the ESA model of the UK brand Clarity Cap.

The chassis is particularly stiff and luxurious due to the use of 6mm thick aluminum for all panels. The front panel is made of brushed aluminum with a  black anodized finish.

The connectors are highest grade, sourced from Taiwan, with 5µm gold plating.

The Doge 8 Clarity has an output socket designed for a proprietary cable to connect the Doge 8 Clarity with the Doge 9 PAB mono-blocks. It allows the Doge 8 to automatically turn-on the Doge 9s if you use them as a complete set.

> Read here the review in the Hifi blog (please note that the price listed in this article was in 2007 and Chinese Yuan currency got 20% stronger versus USD since that time).

> Read here the review in the Hifi blog

PLEASE NOTE: Chassis height, length and width are the same as DOGE 7 DAC, so they match perfectly.


DOGE 8 Clarity is available in black color only.


> Estimated retail price in shops : $1,990 (excluding VAT)

> Factory-direct price: $1,459 including delivery to your front door, Paypal or CC fees and one year warranty served in your country. (There is a slight price increase versus 2017 edition due to new features.)

From December 2017, we do the same prices worldwide except for South-East Asia, India, Russia, South-America, Africa and small islands.

Due to the cost of shipping fees included in the price displayed above, Asia will be cheaper, while laters will have a higher price.


All our Doge 8 are supplied with tubes printed with a Doge logo. They are first grade Shuguang origin with Doge additional QC.

However since many customers asked some upgrade choices, we now offer these ones :

  • Optional Psvane 12AT7-TII for line stage: $114 (set of 4)
  • Optional Psvane 12AX7-TII for Phono stage: $122 (set of 4)

Please note that for safety reason according to international air freight regulations, remote controllers are supplied without batteries. They use traditional AA type.

Vacuum tubes 12AT7 x 4 for line stage, 12AX7 x 4 for Phono stage
RCA Line inputs 5
RCA Phono inputs 1 input compliant for MC & MM cartridges
RCA outputs 2
XLR outputs No
Remote controller yes
Stand-by function yes
Remote controller material Luxury black aluminium
Bandwidth 12Hz to 30KHz
Signal to noise ratio >101db
THD <0.05%
Input impedance 50K ohms
Input sensitivity 200mV
MM input sensitivity 3mV to 6mV
MC input sensitivity 0.25mV to 0.6mV
Max output power 10V
Output impedance 600 ohms
Size in inches W:17″ x D:14.5″ x H:5.1/4″
Size in mm W:44cm x D:36cm x H:11cm
Weight in KG 14kg + packing
Voltage Depending on your country 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V (100V on special order)
Warranty 1 year for electronic, 3 months for vacuum tubes

1 review for DOGE 8 CLARITY (2019 Edition)

  1. Warren Marshall

    Let me start by saying that it is really easy to give this preamp 5 stars, as it is, by a VERY large margin, the BEST VALUE comprehensive preamp I have EVER heard!

    Incredible sound quality.
    Beautifully laid out.
    Exceptionally well built.
    Terrific remote control. Includes mute/unmute, volume control and on/off as well as source selection.
    Two variable outputs. I use one for my headphone amp.
    One fixed output for recording. When on phono, this actually fully bypasses the line stage – WOW that’s probably unique and an incredibly smart way to get as close to recording perfection from phono as possible.
    5 inputs inbuilt MM/MC phono.
    Variable capacitance and impedance on phono.
    You can raise the line output by 8dB, at the flick of a switch, if required.
    You can INDEPENDENTLY raise the phono output by 8dB. WOW. Fantastic if you have an ultra-low-output MC. Or a medium-output MC you want to run as if it were a MM with a 47KΩ impedance. Or simply to raise the output level by 8dB if you are recording and bypassing the line amplification altogether.

    SOUND QUALITY: There are line-only preamps out there which cost TEN TIMES as much and do not sound as good.
    And there are phono-only preamps out there which cost far more than this unit, and are spectacularly beaten in sound quality by the Doge 8 Clarity’s phono stage.

    But let me assure you that the Doge 8 Clarity (2019) is NOT perfect. If money was no object, with the ingenuity that has gone into this phenomenal preamp, I’m certain Mr Liu could have built an even MORE AMAZING preamp. But I could NEVER afford it and many of you couldn’t either. What he has done for the money is beyond amazing!

    We have here, a truly incredible preamp, which could EASILY justify a price tag 3 or 4 times what Doge is charging. I cannot shout loudly enough: BUY IT!

    An important caveat:
    The Chinese 12AT7 and 12AX7 tubes which come standard with the Doge 8 Clarity do NOT do it justice. I know these tubes well – they are quiet and “nice” but far from spectacular. The Doge 8 Clarity deserves FAR better!
    I use (still moderately priced) Siemens NOS 1982 (Munich) ECC801S (12AT7) tubes in the line stage, which, after say 200 hours settling in, allow the line stage to absolutely excel with a deep wide holographic soundstage and exquisite vocals and truly lifelike realism!
    In the phono stage, I have four Russian copy (gold pinned) Genalex Gold Lion B759 tubes which cost less than US$60 per tube. Once they have settled in (again say 200 hours), they transform this excellent phono stage into a giant killer that puts many $3000 phono preamps to shame.

  2. roger philippin

    I agree with Warrens review In that I also compared it with other Pre amp s I have on hand!! In fact I have a sound room in my basement and -Ill go as far as saying it compared favorably over units that are 5X the price .
    I “ve been out of the PVC source for some time so I cannot comment on that, however when it comes to CD the mid range bloom and base are spot on and balance between channels is good if not excellent .
    A chain is only as good as it’s weakest link . Having said that all things being equal speakers ,amp etc . this is one hell of a preamp

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