“HT-bypass” option for DG8

    “HT-bypass” option for DG8



    PLEASE be aware this customization will concern no more than 5% of you, so don’t spend too much time reading it, in particular, if you don’t know what it means in 99% of cases this would mean you don’t need it.

    Please mail us for more details if you have a doubt it is for you. Don’t add it to the cart thinking “it might be useful one day, as this “if” most of the time NEVER occurs.


    Adding this option to your Doge 8 order will remove one input and transform this input into Home-Theater BYPASS. So you will have 4 Line inputs + 1 HT bypass.

    For standard Hifi systems, this is customization is pointless. It is targeted only to a limited number of users who mix their Home Theater system with their Stereo system.

    With this option when the preamp is off, the Home Theater amplifier pre-output will control the power amp of front speakers instead of Doge 8 and only with the purpose to watch movies in 5.1 or 7.1 and will never be used for a single stereo listening.



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