Review of DOGE 10 MK2-B

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    Review for DOGE 10 MK2-B

    It took 5 months but worth the wait, the buying process wasn’t easy as Doge was overwhelmed with orders. Mine is the MK2-B and compared to my IOTAVX SA3 it is lively and detailed but still well rounded. Admittedly the Iota is more entry level. Doge 10 paired well to my Acoustic Energy AE509 speakers, previously they sounded slightly reserved. The biggest surprise has been the bass, I did not expect the deep and powerful bass. This is even before the REL T7i is added with no problems on the high level input. Upgraded to the Telefunken smooth plates input stage valves/tubes but haven’t A/B tested against others. All in all very happy, the sound and quality are everything I expected, even after the hype. Quite an achievement.