Review of DOGE 10 MK2-B

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    Review for DOGE 10 MK2-B

    I purchased the Doge 10 MKII late last year and I love it. It’s dynamic and the soundstage is great. I’m driving a pair of Fyne 500’s, and it’s been such a joy to have in our room. The combo is great as we don’t have to be sitting exactly in the sweet spot to enjoy it. The sound fills the room. It has plenty of power with speakers that aren’t super efficient. I’ve also tried out my KEF LS50 and Buchardt S400’s and they all sounded great with the Doge 10 (even though each has their own sound). I’ve done some tube rolling, but it’s not necessary in my opinion. I’ve been tempted to change the caps based on what Thomas & Stereo said, but honestly, I love how it sounds so I don’t really want to mess with a good thing. The only thing I would say is that I find myself going back and forth between class A and A/B and can’t decide which one I prefer. I know Doge got hammered with sales after the reviews from highly regarded YouTube channels like Thomas & Stereo and Next Big Thing, but once the dust settled, Marc was super responsive to all my various questions. If you’ve been buying audio as long as I have, you know how rare that is. The Doge 10 is going to be a permanent part of my audio setup for years to come. I’m already saving up for the Doge DAC.

    Highly recommended!