Review of DOGE 10 MK3-B

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    Review for DOGE 10 MK3-B


    just a quick note about the Doge 10 that i received a few weeks ago. Wanted to let you know what a pleasant surprise this amp has been. For this amount of money the build quality is amazing. The first thing I noticed was the complete lack of any hiss or any sound at all coming through the speakers when there was no music playing. I have a few other tube amps and that definitely isn’t true for any of them and actually that would include some solid state amps that I own as well. The second thing I wanted to let you know about was that though there are many things I prefer about the sound of tube amps over solid state, like that round, three dimensional character of the imaging for one, however, bass extension and tightness isn’t one of them. The Doge 10 though still doesn’t quite have the punch to my solar plexus like my other solid state (some class A B and a pair of class D mono blocks) amps do but, I was surprised at how much of that experience you do get from this amp. With some tube rolling I could probably get even closer though in terms of my daily listening I have felt like I was not missing out very much and what It does produce is very enjoyable. I still can’t get over how all this comes with a price tag that usually one would have to spend quite a lot more for. So I just wanted to share some of my initial impressions with you as I’m sure as their rep you would like to hear about. Now we’ll have to see about that DAC soon.

    Nelson Levine