Review of DOGE 10 MK3-B

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    Review for DOGE 10 MK3-B

    My first experience with the Doge 10 was during a two-week period at Christmas 2020. I live nearby Thomas, the Thomas and Stereo HiFi reviewer and he generously allows me to evaluate multiple pieces of HiFi gear each month. However, when I evaluated the Doge 10, I fell in love.

    It gracefully combines the smoothness, transparency, and holographic sound of a high-end tube amp, with power and dynamics of a solid state – the blend of both in one amp is an incredibly engaging experience. Thomas had lent me a set of Tube Onyx mono block amps for the month of March 2021 – I loved those mono blocks as well, the smooth sound was beautiful, but it lacked the deep snapping bass and dynamics I experienced with the Doge 10.

    I love the features of the amp, including the Class A, Class A/B setting and most of all the Feedback Mode selector that lets you fine tune the sound for your speakers – set at Low the sound with my Klipsch Forte III speakers is smooth, still precise, and holographic.

    After evaluating countless amps (including prior to meeting Thomas) no amplifier, tube of solid state has satisfied me to the point the Doge 10 does. That cold day in January when I returned the Doge 10 to Thomas, I immediately ordered my own, and now happy to have it sitting in my living-room.

    The Doge team, particularly Marc, have been very responsive, courteous, and kept me up to date on progress – the massive amount of interest in Doge has resulted in a wait time – but I can assure you it’s well worth the wait.

    Here’s a link to the guest review video that I did on the Thomas and Stereo YouTube channel:

    – Mark Scott