Review of DOGE 10 MK3-B

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    Review for DOGE 10 MK3-B

    Hello Doge – this is NOT an review !
    I suggest you support your products – with offers of TUBES; that connector for Doge 8 & 9 – we all know cables DO fail in time. And any other item to assure this equipment will continue working in the future.
    What occurs to me and concerns me is the BIAS control board. How long will this last? Can you make this board available? Is there anything you can think of WE may need and is not available here is the United States?
    It seems 211 tubes are very hard to find. I found TWO stores trying to sell the Natural Sound tube for nearly $1000.00 an quad – No one will pay this price – they are dreaming! I know I can contact the company in Hunan – BUT I would place TRUST in DOGE assuring WE can get MATCHED quality tubes.
    Had my Wife talk to someone in China….surprised they do not believe matching is important. Had the same experience with an company selling Treasure tubes in Canada. This problem means WE can not get tubes!
    PreAmp tubes are not an problem, what is needed is: 6CA7 and 211 tubes.

    On a side note – I request an better explanation of the FEEDBACK control on the Doge 9: normal, med/mid and low. I have top of the line Definitive Technology speakers.

    Appreciate your time and hope you like the review. Sorry I looked like a slob when I did the video