Review of DOGE 6

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    Review for DOGE 6

    Doge6 – CD player: What a great ‘machine’ !!! Purchased Nov. 2015.
    First I want to tell you about the care taken in packing and delivery.
    The unit arrived double [hard] cardboard boxed. Delivery affected in less than the 10 days stated. The delivery service being DHL. DHL – handles the large packages with exceptional care – you needn’t worry of receiving a banged up package.
    This unit has the clarity one would desire in an reference level audio component. The details in the music, incredible. My other reference level CD players take several seconds for an CD to load – not saying this is bad mind you but – when an CD is entered to the drawer and closed – the CD is read (seemingly while the drawer enters the unit) and it is ready to play – immediately.
    When choosing an CD player – I want to see discrete circuitry – that is what you will find inside an Doge6 and the other products offered by Doge. The units’ remote is made from a solid block of aluminum. I like that.
    People, look at the photos especially the internal photo – that is a nice piece of work.

    After some research it was quite obvious – to get the build and performance quality in an unit offered here in the ‘States’ be prepared to pay at least a thousand dollars more.