Review of DOGE 6

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    Review for DOGE 6

    Purchased Doge 8 and 9 in summer of 2016 – todays review: February 2019.
    I did not wait this long to write this review because I was lazy – I knew many of you , like me, see reviews mere days after someone makes an purchase. We read it thinking “this Guy [or Gal] wrote an review so soon because He got a new toy”. We would rather see some time go by BEFORE an review is written.
    The Doge 9 mono blocks are quite heavy – I like heavy. To me it means I purchased something with substance. They sat on the garage floor where they were delivered for a week until I purchased a couple of dollies to get them in the house.
    Found an piece of Audio furniture able to hold more than 300 pounds. Afterwards it occurred to me – I could have SET them on the dollies since they were not bad looking (blue & black Home Depot $30.00 each) with smooth wheeling.
    Connected it to the Doge 8 with their cable and 12 gauge 356 strand copper cables with premium terminations. Quality Surge protection – to assure no electrical transients.
    OK – the SOUND: clear, detailed – voices….Nora Jones sang as if She were in the room ! The ability for this unit to produce sound – The Music – effortless.
    Be advised – it is said tube Audio equipment does best towards Jazz and Classical music – my main listening choices. BUT I discovered, the Doge 8 and Doge 9 with Doge 6 CD player and an Marantz SACD made music from my ERA: 60s/70s – sound incredible. You will hear the Doors, CSN&Y, Johnny Winters ….put it this way – you will find yourself eagerly REVISITING your music library.
    I did go for the tube upgrade in the Doge 9 and already had over a dozen quiet NOS 12AT7 and 12AX7 tubes – which I used for the PRE-AMP sections in the four DOGE units.
    Do not be concerned with the heat. To the back of the Audio cabinet – I installed a couple of boards looking like they belonged to the cabinet and attached two very quiet, small fans – which are remotely turned ‘on’/’off’ when I use this set up. This done to assure longevity of the tubes. Heat the room in the Winter.
    The DOGE 9 looks real cool. I know it is not an Lava Lamp but that partition with the metal mirror finish reflects the glow of the tubes making this unit look rich as well as sound rich.
    The DOGE units because of their build quality and because they are tube equipment are to be treated with respect.