Review of DOGE 7 Clarity – Tube DAC

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    Review for DOGE 7 Clarity - Tube DAC

    Initially I was not amazed. Then the power DAC evolved from an orange and green caterpillar, to a black, indigo, and fuchsia butterfly. I gained an ever-expanding appreciation for the heights that this power DAC took me, especially going directly into a set of mono blocks via XLRs. I am not saying that this power DAC is picture perfect, but you will not be let down by the Rembrandt of sound that it cast. With the various hues and shades being forever true to life. I am now waiting patiently to determine what this butterfly will evolve into next. Anything higher would be angelic. With the right tubes, I can assure you that this will be one of the last DACs you will ever want to buy.