Review of DOGE 7 Clarity – Tube DAC

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    Review for DOGE 7 Clarity - Tube DAC

    One of the best DAC I have ever heard so far. You really don’t need any high-end 10k or 20k DACS, just give a try this one on your set up and it literally blew me out. I did a head-to-head comparison with terminator and Doge-7 gives me a more detailed, 3d holographic and more analogue sound based on my preference. The highs are smooth, the mid and lows are very tight and controlled. Very neutral sounding DAC and I highly recommend to everyone out there! Must Must Must Try this and not to be missed before you by and 20k DAC, I bet you that I can defeat most of the DACs that I have heard and Tested. I have been using Revel SAlon2 Flagship speakers with Krell EVO 600e monoblocks, sounded absolutely stunning. The DAC and PRE features are very useful. Currently I changed my power amps from Krell to Mark Levinson 436 monoblocks and It added more more even more tonality and clarity and detailed and neutral sound to me. I also tested with Class D amps and fantastic and Changes the so called class D sound signature to analogue. Absolutely loving this DOGE 7 DAC. Highly recommended!!!!