Review of DOGE 7 Clarity – Tube DAC

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    Review for DOGE 7 Clarity - Tube DAC

    I bought the Doge 7 because of the suggestion of a friend, without the opportunity of auditioning it, and with some reservation about the worries that in Italy may not be a good place for repair it (inside or not the warranty) in case of problems.
    My system is an analytical one, and despite i really like to have lot of details, something was missing in the overall emotional impact.
    I wanted some more “meat” at dinner, the flavour of it, the smoke departing from its body and its taste under my teeth. But i didn’t want to lose the accuracy, the elegant presentation and the science of a real gourmet dish.
    My first choice was to match my Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated Amp with is “brother” MF A5 Cd Player, of which i was interested in the valve output stage, but unfortunately the ex demo i found was damaged and didn’t work.
    This was sad to me, because on the paper it could be an ideal match, sonically and esthetically. The next step was to find another valve cd player, but my friend suggested to go further and take a Valve Dac, because the future is not on cds, and because it could read my cd collection (5000/6000 discs) very well, bypassing the cd player Dac. So i arrived at Doge, and what i’ve seen and read about the Doge 7 was exactly what i was hoping to find, expecially the union of high definition (via the Sabre chip) and the 100% tube analog output…on paper “the best of both worlds” (by now a new audiophile cliché).
    Now it’s only two days i have it in my home, and the first thing i can say is: outstanding! It’s not a cliché, it’s real. I lost nothing about details and acoustic scene (on the contrary, it’s even better than before), and what i get is exactly that involving, natural, real feel of the instruments and the ambiance in which the music is played. The tones of the instruments are just so right, pleasing and with the correct balance between them, that the concrete feeling of “being there” is naturally avverted. I also noted a big improvement in the low frequencies…good, deep bass with body, punch and control.
    The best thing is that the tubes are nothing near the raccomended break-in period, the sound is already excellent and it can only improve!
    By now i’m only listening to my cds collection, and they are revealed in the best way i’ve ever listened; i can’t wait to test some seriosi hi-res file (which by now i don’t have) via USB from a dedicate PC.
    No problems with expedition and installation.