Review of DOGE 7 Clarity – Tube DAC

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    Review for DOGE 7 Clarity - Tube DAC

    I bought the Doge 7 new but the pre dsd model. All I can say is that I love it. It has a ground switch which I needed to use but it went from having a hum to silent. It has every type of input except I2S I run two transports, a vecteur research and a Jay’s audio transport. I also run a Bluesound Vault 2i using coax. The jay’s audio is connected with a DH Labs AES-EBU and the vecteur research transport with a signal cable reference coax. All sound great. I replaced the stock tubes with mullards new stock and then with NOS Mullards which were on sale at the time. Tubes upgrade make significant improvement. My system is really transparent meaning you can hear lots of microdetail (inner detail). My preamp is a Tortuga Audio LDR with Tortuga Tube Buffer and Tortuga Battery supply. My rcs’s are all Nordost Frey II or Heimdall 2 My amp a Pass Labs x250. It is the most analogue, non fatiguing dac I have ever heard and I have had tube based dacs before. But the detail is all there.
    Build quality is top notch, I have had no issues with it. I dd replace the tube covers with Herbies tube dampers but I did not do an AB to see if they are better or the same as the tube cases that come with the unit. I also put it on Herbies footers. The sound is warm analogue but with excellent inner detail The remote is well built and metal rather than plastic. The packing was outstanding considering the distance it had to travel to the US.