We sell direct to you

We sell direct to you



    All the taxes and import duties are different in every country so it is not possible to include them in our prices as it would be a logistic nightmare because there is 160 different countries and 160 different taxes rules.


    • NO TAXES

    A few countries don’t have any taxes at all, like Singapore or Hong-Kong, but it is very rare.



    Some countries have no taxes but have what we call “import duty”. That means each class of product have a different import duty that might go from 2 to 5% in Europe for example but much higher in some countries with very protecting own market. Countries like India or Brazil, for example, might have import duty up to 100% of the product price.

    In most of Western countries, DAC are taxed at 2% and amplifiers and preamplifiers are taxed at 4%. We can quote : EU, Australia, Canada, Scandinavia, Central Europe. USA have special Tariffs.

    If you are not among the countries above, the best way to know it is either to Google or to call your country’s DHL holtline.



    In addition of import duties, some countries have special tax call according to countries “VAT” (value-added tax) or “sales tax” that are added to any product purchased in the country, whether in a supermarket or online. In Europe VAT is around 20% and in Canada and Australia, sales taxes are around 15%. These rate are quoted as example, but please refer to your own country rules to know the VAT or Sales tax.

    When you buy a product at the supermarket, you buy this tax at the supermarket, but when you import a product from China, that’s the customs service that charges this tax at arrival. You have nothing to do, DHL does all the clearance job for you.



    Please note that all our sales are under the Incoterm CIF (Cost Insurance Freight) but do not include the import duties or local taxes, that are always paid by the importer (you) and collected as a simplified process by the Carrier (DHL) who depending the country might ask a payment to the driver or call you or text you by SMS the day prior to the delivery to pay online on DHL website.