Terms & Conditions

    This order is placed between you, the importer, and DOGE ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. in Changsha city, China; acting as seller and the shipper (except you wish to use your own forwarder).

    The terms of the sale are under the INCOTERM “CIF” or “DAP” (depending on your country). If you don’t what is an incoterm: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incoterms

    DAP means the price includes the goods, the shipment, the insurance, the delivery to your front door, but not the import duties and VAT/sales taxes in your country. Please note that in USA, since the “trade war”, most Chinese goods have been set at a tariff of 25% by Mr. Trump and our products belong in 25% tariffs (USA only).

    All this process is very simplified as DHL deals everything with customs instead of you and just shows you the bill, generally by a text message asking for payment one or two days prior to delivery. By accepting these conditions you agree all taxes charged by your country’s rules are on your side. Furthermore, outside the legal issues ruling this purchase, even we would make a price “all included” there are 200 countries with 200 different taxes systems, so it is impossible to know all duties rates and they can change suddenly like in December 2019 when Mr. Trump put them at 25% versus 5% before.

    Our products include 1-year warranty on Electronics, served in your country and 3 months warranty on tubes, served in China.

    All legal claims should be done in the court of the head office city of the seller, us, ie Changsha city.