Doge Warranty Service

    savSince our factory is located in China, and our headquarters as well, some of you may be wondering about our
    warranty service after you have purchased one of our products. Be assured that all the Hifi equipment you buy from us is warranted and feel safe that the warranties will be serviced in the country you live in and for sure not in China for the most important of your unit, all the electronics. Only the warranty for vacuum tubes is serviced in China.

    How long last our warranty ?

    > All of our products will have a 1-year full warranty (including parts and labor) on all problems concerning electronics, and a 3-months limited warranty on the vacuum tubes.
    > The warranty doesn’t cover labor on vacuum tubes as we consider by owning a tube amplifier, our customer should have (or learn) knowledge to change a vacuum tube, which is not much different than changing a lamp on your ceiling. Owning a tube amplifier is a marvelous experience and the only counterpart of this gorgeous sound is that sooner or later some tubes will have to be exchanged.

    Why our warranty is shorter on vacuum tubes ?

    The very simple reason the warranty on tubes is shorter is because tubes have a life span given in hours, and it is impossible for us to know if the amplifier has been used 1 hour per day or 24 hours per day, in particular for professional use. So, a customer who would use his product 24h a day could have reached half life span already after a few months. Most of the manufacturers do the same practice, including famous ones like Audio Research.

    Is a vacuum tubes warranty in China a real warranty?

    We want to be very transparent on this and say the reply is “not really” as most of you won’t have the energy to pack and send back the defective tubes. We offer the possibility to buy a small cost one extra tube of each type of the product you buy. If you want this, it will be soon online, but in between please contact us by email.

    We used to warranty our tubes in your country, but it was impossible to control remotely if the failure was a user problem or a tube problem so we had to ask you to send it back and this was not welcomed.  We want to be very transparent about this point. Repairing the amp will be done in your country, but not the tube exchange.

    Where are located our authorized service centers and what are our warranty terms ?