Our Warranty service in Your country


    Please don’t be frightened that this section is here because there is a big chance you face a warranty issue. On the contrary our warranty rate is extremely low. However because we are located in China, and that might make you anxious to source from China, so we wanted you to feel secure that we offer a real warranty service similar as a local purchase you would do in your country and let you know in advance what service we offer exactly in the very unlucky case you would face a warranty issue :

    Right now, we have some maintenance center in a few countries, but not in all of them. So even we don’t have maintenance center in your country we will cover all cost to let you have a local service, however we will need you help to find a repair shop.

    We would require us to help us to find a repair shop in your city or close to your city. Our only requirement is that they speak English to be able to communicate with them to share schematics and instructions. However please always contact us first.

    What to do in the event your purchased item develops any problem ?

    First, send us an email and describe the problem.

    > We will diagnose your problem and then contact you with its likely solution most of the time within the same day except week-ends and 99% of times within 24h.

    90% of the troubles that occur with tube amplifiers usually have to do with a tube default. Many troubles are minor ones that can be solved with a few easy tips to follow. Email is our first choice of communication because of accent issues, however for more complex explanations, a Skype video conference can be done as an alternative solution.

    > If it happens your product needs more serious maintenance, then you will have to send it for repair to one of our maintenance center in your city or in a city close to yours.

    > We are in China, so we want to make a warning that our repair time might be slightly longer than if you had to deal with a local Hifi shop and we ask your kind understanding for this. We will repair most products within 3 weeks, excluding shipping time. If we need to send for some spare parts from our factory to our maintenance center, which might rarely occur, the turn around time might occasionally be up to 6 weeks. If this would happen, we would send you an Amazon voucher as apologies and of course extend the warranty time to the duration your unit has been been in the maintenance station.

    Who will pay the shipment cost to our maintenance center ?

    > If the problem occurs during the first week after receipt of the item, us, the seller, will pay the shipment cost, you will have just to organize the shipment to our maintenance center and we will refund you the cost from the shipper invoice on your Paypal account (a scan of the invoice will be requested). The return will be free of charge.

    > Unless the problem occurs during the first week after receipt of the item, you, the purchaser, will have to pay shipping to our U.S. service center, and we will pay the return shipping.

    > If you have any other question about our warranty prior your purchase, feel free to send us an email at support@doge.audio

    What happens in case of DOA?

    Despite we have an incredible packing, despite we use the best carriers, the 0% damage doesn’t exist. Until now, the only problem of DOA we face were due to parcels shaken too much during shipment and tube filaments dead. We had only such issues once per year so far.

    So in case for any reason, it occurs your product is dead after unpacking or dead in the 24h after the receipt date of carrier tracking data, we would take in charge all shipping fees to our maintenance station and offer you a financial compensation, generally an Amazon voucher (we think gifts are more friendly than cash).

    If it happened we wouldn’t be able to have your unit sent back to you in working condition within 4 weeks, we would proceed to product exchange.

    What is your best security about our warranty service?

    Because the bad service immediately spread through internet and its forums, we would be foolish not to offer a good warranty service. Our company already exist since 13 years and we have absolutely long term vision and not short term profit strategy. We are only too aware that the customer service is the key point for a long term vision and this includes of course the maintenance issue at first.
    In addition, you can’t have more knowledgeable warranty service than we will provide, since our factory is the producer of each piece of equipment you purchase from us. We know our products inside and out, and maintain our inventory of all the spare parts you might need.