Buy doge amplifiers from worldwide.



    We now sell direct to you worldwide. Doing so, we think we can offer you the best service as nobody else than us knows better our products.

    Having no middlemen between you and us, allows us to offer you very attractive prices.

    We are eco-friendly because your order will be picked up at our factory and go directly to your home. This is the shortest way and lowest CO2 consuming.

    The delivery to your front door is a simplified process where DHL do all Customs clearance process for you. You will have just to to pay, like all imported good a small import duty (between 2 to 4% depending countries), and the local VAT/sales tax (also depending each country, around 15% in Australia & Canada and around 20% in EU countries). DHL will calculte this for you and most of the time ask to pay it online prior to delivery by texting you.

    These taxes are not included in our quotation as each country has its own regulations. Depending coutries or amounts, you have to pay it to DHL the day of the delivery or online prior to delivery. Don’t hesitate to ask for our help during the clearance process which is done in just half day.

    Finally buying from is very close to an online purchase you could do in your own country.

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